Kurbo app allows you to track your child’s health


Who is Kurbo for?

Kurbo the pediatric child health service app, which is very easy and fun to use, helping users track what their children are eating and exercising daily. It has gained $5.8 million up in two rounds of subsidizing from Signia Venture Partners, Data Collective and others. Kurbo’s human instructing gives your kid the chance to have one of our weight reduction specialists connect with your kid. The mentor utilizes the information your youngster enters into the portable application every week to survey your kid’s sustenance and activity decisions from the earlier week, and then makes significant recommendations including solid objectives for the week ahead.

What does Kurbo do?

The main objective of Kurbo is to make it so you need not bother with Kurbo once more. The application has been downloaded more than 10,000 times. In spite of the quite reported pandemic of adolescence weight, Kurbo is an uncommon child centered option. Most weight-control programs for youngsters are run at doctor’s facilities and require on location visits, which can be a costly and prolonged choice that numerous families can’t bear.

Features in Kurbo:

The Kurbo iOS and Android application utilizes conduct alteration science, taking into account research from Stanford’s Pediatric Weight Control Program, to help children track and characterize their nourishment admission and practice over a 12-week period. The application highlights amusement style challenges that permit clients to contend with each other to meet restorative objectives. Notwithstanding the application, which is allowed to download, individuals can pick to weigh in with an individual mentor by content or email for $25 every month or by telephone for $75 every month.

Kurbo reports that more than 80 percent of clients who took after the system shed pounds and/or brought down their body mass record. In this way, 1,000 youngsters have selected in training. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki was an early adherent to Kurbo’s tyke benevolent system, who upheld the July 2014 Series A round. At the same time with Kurbo, there was a chance to help unravel one of the world’s most concerning issues adolescence corpulence utilizing versatile innovation. As a mother with four children, I’ve encountered firsthand how troublesome it can be to get children to comprehend and receive adhering to good diet propensities. Kurbo really makes the methodology fun.

At the same time Kurbo isn’t expected to supplant parental data, and Strober stresses the requirement for forthcoming talk with kids about their wellbeing objectives. Folks say they’re going to hurt their tyke’s respect toward oneself on the off chance that they discuss weight. Anorexia is awful, yet conversing with children about their weight is not going to issue them a dietary problem.