LaunchDarkly raises$8.7M


What does LaunchDarkly do?

LaunchDarkly is company which helps startups and tech companies in refining their products more quickly for fitting the needs and wants of the customers. Their aim is to revolutionize constant delivery by allowing product managers and developers in taking complete control of their deployments. Dark Launching is a constant delivery best practice of delivering features for some users for gauging their reaction before rolling them to everybody. Big companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon and LinkedIn all use the dark launched for delivering better features. This company is also called as Canary Deployment or Canary Launch. The company was originally launched for nailing a huge pain point for developers who have been at ease at big companies for quite some time- new code and soft launching features for a small number of users easily and being able to roll them back quickly.

How much LaunchDarkly was funded?

The company raised $8.7M in Series A on December 20, 2016 from Bloomberg Beta, DFJ Growth and Softech.

Previous funding

$2.6M in undisclosed round on June 4, 2015 from SoftTech VC

What is next for LaunchDarkly?

From the time the company was launched and its last funding round in June, the company found a new set of followers for the business teams and marketers within company who want to be able to provide  the features for the right users. This potential gained the attention of the investors and led to the latest investment in the company. The company plans on using the funding raised for getting access to the right features to the right users.

More about LaunchDarkly

LaunchDarkly was founded on July 14, 2014 by John Kodumal and Edith Harbaugh. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Their original tagline was Launch, Measure, Control. They have expanded the definition who in their company can do it.