Little Tricks to Achieve the Best Results in Mobile App Marketing

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Building a nifty app is a job begun well, but you need to market it well to make a total success of it. App marketing agency is entrusted with the task of effective mobile app marketing and subsequent growth

trajectory for the great app that has been designed. Let’s get a lowdown on the best app marketing

techniques out there.

Make a Killer Landing Page

That is among the top app marketing tips that you are likely to get. The idea is not to make anything outlandish. Even a concise one-sentence introduction would do very well if it gives the potential customer a fair idea about what to expect from your app

Create a Blog

A well-written blog replete with information is a great way of achieving app store optimization. Position yourself as a domain expert and an opinion leader in your niche and see the traffic your app increase manifold.

Create a Teaser Landing Page

You can do that prior to launching the app. This is one of the very successful mobile app marketing techniques to obtain beta subscribers by using an email submission field. Skillful messaging is of the essence here.

Leverage Social Media

This is of course the flavor of the times, but you have to be able to leverage well. What you can do is to pit up engaging content that resonates very well with your target audience. Creativity will help you like nothing else in opening a two-way communication channel with your target audience. This will ultimately lead them to give your app a try.

Obtain App Reviews

There is no better way of propagating the cause of your app than by the personal endorsement by an authority figure. The best way of doing that is by obtaining a review from one of the top app sites. This will encourage people who would otherwise not pay attention to your app to go ahead and download it on the recommendation of people who know about such things.

Create a Great Video Intro

Nothing propagates a cause like a video, even if it is your app. Considering the fact that a lot of searches on the internet are for videos, you would do well to get a promotional video made for your app. Of course, you should be sure that your app is good enough to spend all that money promoting.

Pitch You App to Leading Tech Blogs

Send a mail about your app to the leading tech blogs and see if they will endorse your product. It may be difficult to catch their eye, but if you are persistent and your app is good, you have a good chance of obtaining the much-needed coverage.

Get in Touch with Writers in Your Niche

If you can convince a writer who is an opinion leader in your niche to write about your app, you stand to gain immense credibility for it.  Again, you have to be careful to not hound people and be discreet and smart with your pitching.

Use an Infographic

A nicely done infographic about your app is a great way of getting the word out online. Get it out to writers, bloggers, and other influencers who matter. Use social media extensively for this one. 

Throw in Your Hat for App Awards

If you think that your app is exemplary and deserving of an award, why not try and get one. It is not as difficult as it sounds, as there is a large number of bodies and organizations that welcome entries from app makers. Choose from categories like functionality, design, ease of use, and so on. Nothing enhances the prestige of a product than a public felicitation like an award.

Use a Podcast to Talk About Your Award

Podcasts are a great way of catching the attention of people these days, especially the ones who would rather listen and read. They give you ample scope to fill in your target audience with details of what your app can do for them.


Mobile app marketing is an absolute must if one is serious about popularizing one’s app among its target audience. Simply getting your app published on Google or Apple stores is not the culmination of your achievement as an app maker. It is the number of people who download the apps and keep them on their smartphones over a length of time that determine the success of failure of the apps.

With so much at stake, it is important that an app maker takes all the necessary steps to propagate one’s app and its abilities. The myriad ways of doing that described above are a sure-shot way of ensuring that one’s app is noticed by the right target audience in a manner that convinces them to download it. With the humongous number of people owning smartphones these days, you have everything to gain by getting it right.