How can FamilyTime locator app help

Keeping track of your kid’s location might seem like a challenge; you can either snoop on them or trust them completely. The first is worse than the second. Why? Because snooping on them would lead to no good, it will only bring mistrust and rebellious attitude. The second option is not very effective because teens in this age tend to hide things from their parents just because they want to feel independent. Also, because if you call them multiple times a day, they will feel that you are being overprotective and will most probably start avoiding your calls or simply lie to you. 

However, there is a way you can avoid these two situations and keep an eye on your child without coming off as a nosy parent. And that way is the smart parenting way using the digital tool such as family locator app like FamilyTime App. Read below to find out how this app can give you some peace of mind:

How can FamilyTime – Family locator app help?

FamilyTime is a complete parental control app which enables you to not only keep an eye on your child’s online and offline activities but also to control their device usage. This app requires the consent of your child to work effectively.  It offers a wide range of interesting features, from web-history monitoring, app blocking, contact Watchlisting, to remotely locking the phone. Some of its location-tracking related features are:

1. Location Tracking:

You can use this app to monitor your teen’s detailed location history by looking at the virtual map. The map will show you the location of your teen in the real-time. 

2. location History Monitoring:

Once you have the app in your hand, you can easily trace their location history for the past few months. All you need to do it open location history panel and there you will find the list of addresses they visited along with the date and time stamps. 

3. Geo-fence Locations:

You can use Geo-fencing to create a virtual fence around addresses you want to watchlist. By adding the places, you will receive instant check-in and check-out alerts on your teen’s entry and exit from that place.

And this is not all. There is a long list of features offered by FamilyTime app. All these features are related to monitoring and parental control. To explore the app yourself, give it a free try. You can get the trial version of the app from the App Store on your phone. So visit the app store now.

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Stress-free tracking in one touch!

Parenting is a tough job, and it gets more challenging if you have a preteen or teen. They don’t realize the consequences of their adventurous and reckless actions; here is where your parental instincts come into play. If you have even the slightest feeling that your teens go to some place they shouldn’t, don’t brush it off your mind. Use the family locator app to make sure, and if they actually do, have a serious talk with them about the risks involved. Keep your children happy, healthy and safe!