4 Painless Pointers to get More Positive Amazon Reviews


Amazon’s very own product ranking algorithm relies heavily on your ability to gain positive reviews. But beating your competitors Amazon SEO isn’t the only reason to work on, and improve your review strategy.

Arthia, the Amazon Agency have gathered some top tips for getting better amazon reviews on their Amazon SEO Knowledge Hub and we’ve selected a few to highlight for our readers. 

Pointer #1 – Take a shortcut with Vine & Early Reviewer Programmes

The Amazon Vine programme puts your product in front of a select group of highly influential, professional reviewers. You must provide the product for free, and Amazon will label and promote the review above others. You’re not guaranteed a positive review, but the quality of the review will be a step above the norm and has been shown to improve conversion rates for good products.

Amazon Vine has some criteria that you will need to meet, but is otherwise very straight forward. 

Similarly the Amazon Early Reviewer is designed to speed up quality reviews, but for new products. As with Vine, there is a cost, and you can only enrol your products if they have less than 5 reviews. 

Amazon incentivise these reviews with Amazon gift cards, and it’s typically expected that you’ll get between 1 and 5 reviews using this method. 

Pointer #2 – Never Ignore your Negative Reviews

If a bad review pops up, it’s important not to let it ruin your day. If you use Amazon to fulfil your deliveries, then Amazon will often allow you to remove a bad review if it is their fault and not yours.

Otherwise, you’re able to reply to negative reviews, publicly. In doing so, you must remember to remain professional and display good customer service. In doing so, if the reviewer was being unreasonable, your response will help negate any concerns new potential buyers might have and improve conversion rates. 

Pointer #3 – Don’t forget to use the Request Button

If you’re making regular sales with few issues and returns, it’s worth remembering the request a review button exists in the backend of each order. 

Once an order has been completed and delivery confirmed, the button appears. Clicking the button will see Amazon send an official email requesting a review. Voice devices such as the Echo can sometimes ask the buyer for a review as well.

Again, the request button has a high success rate in capturing reviews. 

Pointer #4 – Signpost your Customer Support & Build up an FAQ 

One of the best strategies for gaining positive reviews is to anticipate issues and prevent them from happening. A well put together product FAQ will answer all the tough questions and leave few surprises when your buyer receives their product. 

Additionally, signposting your customer support number or email address will allow them to contact you directly for you to deal with their issues before they decide to leave a negative review. Once you’re having a dialogue, asking for a positive review should be a piece of cake!