Low-Cost Advertising: Why you Should Put your Logo on your Company Vehicle


Low-Cost Advertising: Why you Should Put your Logo on your Company Vehicle

Making the effort to personalize your company vehicle with a logo will often pay dividends and deliver profits and strengthen brand recognition, all for what is a relatively low cash outlay when you consider the potential benefits.

Whether you run an Auto paint repair business or offer a local domestic service like heating and plumbing, whatever type of business you operate, a logo help strengthens your brand image and drive sales as a result.

The importance of a good logo

You never underestimate the power and importance of a good logo, as it can easily become the identifiable face of your brand.

By simply placing your logo on a company vehicle you are achieving a number of things at a relatively low cost compared to the cost outlay involved.

Your vehicle logo will be seen in a wide geographical area which is only limited by the radius that you are prepared to travel, and there is also the positive aspect of your logo being seen by many people, which raises brand awareness and helps to build visibility.

The simple act of putting your company’s logo on a vehicle also helps to ensure that your employee’s efforts on site get credited to your business.

What this means for example, is if you operate a vehicle breakdown service and your vehicle is seen by the roadside helping a customer, this will resonate with passing potential customers who will hopefully conclude that you offer a reliable service because you are in attendance, and make a mental note to call you when needed.

Low cost

If you are looking for low-cost advertising solution then a log is certainly one of the viable options where you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

You can have a professional logo designed for a few hundred dollars and the price of putting it onto your vehicle will probably cost less than that, which means that from design to application, your modest investment will produce a low cost advertising solution that could be just as effective as an expensive billboard, but a fraction of the cost.


Another positive aspect about putting your company logo onto a business vehicle is the amount of flexibility you can enjoy when covering your vehicle.

Not that long ago, putting your company’s name on the side of your vehicle normally meant paying for an expensive paint job but now you have way more flexibility in your options.

It is much less expensive to cover your vehicle in an eye-catching wrap or even place a roof sign on the top of your car or truck. You can also get your logo printed as a magnetic sign, which gives you the flexibility of being able to remove it when you are using the vehicle privately or simply want a lower profile at certain times.

Winning combination

If you are looking to design your business logo from scratch that will be well received, your aim should be to try and achieve memorability and association.

If you are a small business, it is best to think slightly differently about your logo and adopt the mindset of a company that is not a household name, rather than trying to emulate a global brand.

Most of us instantly recognize the golden arches of McDonalds and form an immediate association, whilst we all aspire to achieve that level of brand recognition with our business logo, it is best to consider the more important characteristics regarding logo design when it relates to a small business.

Aim to make the text part of your logo as clear and readable as possible, so that it is easy to read at a distance.

Brand recognition can be achieved over time, but your first priority is to allow potential customers to be able to read your contact details and slogan or mission statement.


Another key to success is consistency. Here is where you can take a leaf out of the corporate manual and emulate what the global bands do.

Use the same logo design across all aspects of your business, so make sure the logo you use on your company vehicle is the same as the one used on your business stationery and other advertising. That way you will be building the brand and helping to grow your business at the same time.

Logos are an important part of your business profile and when you consider the low cost of decorating your company vehicle with your chosen logo, it makes a lot of sense.

Kyle Gustin is an entrepreneur and blogger based out of Winnipeg, Canada. Kyle enjoys sharing his research and insights online.