‘Luminoso’ helps companies analyze the twitter chat about their products


What does Luminoso do?

Luminoso is a start up technology that helps companies know, what individuals are stating at Twitter, Facebook, and other online social media’s and discussions at the moment. Havasi is the prime supporter and CEO of the startup Luminoso, a four-year-old organization that came out of the MIT Media Lab.

Why do we need Luminoso?

Fundamentally, the organization utilizes common processing and machine learning innovations to help organizations investigate what purchasers are stating over a wide range of correspondences channels, including news websites, online journals, online discussions, and  social networking. Till now, Luminoso analyzed over 5,000 millions of tweets regarding the Ebola virus and allowing the themes and trends within the public around the world. Also analyzed 7,000 reviews of the Amazon’s kindle fire to reach the customer insights about its products and features.

More about Luninoso:

Currently Luminoso launched a service tool called Compass, which helps organizations track online matters as they’re occurring, as well as immediately react as needed to be. If suppose in any discussion if any one of purchasers begin telling defects in an item or a product say, a business can begin the harm control as soon as possible.

What’s next in Luminoso?       

With this device, the organization plans to rival an extensive rundown of other content analytics organizations, from the Chicago-based Network Insights. Luminoso’s software helps thousands of customer results to analyze and also let the things behind the ratings of their products and also gives feedback and reviews to their products or the services.