Luxe raises $20 M in New Funding

What Does Luxe do?

Luxe, is San Francisco based new service which sends valets to park the car for you, wherever you are. It is affordable, fast and convenient. You can download the app and let an expert park your car for you. Luxe has a team of product, engineering and operation leaders from big companies such as Tesla, Yahoo, Google, Zynga and Groupon. There are a fleet of friendly valets, dozens of insured, secure parking lots and a sophisticate tech platform which monitors each step of the parking process from the drop off to pick up.

How much Luxe funded?

The on demand Valet startup Luxe had raised $20 million in Series A funding on February 25th, 2015 from investors Winklevoss Capital, Rick Marini, Venrock, Redpoint Ventures, Frtiz Lanman.

Previous Funding

  • $5.5 M in Seed on October 23rd, 2014 from investors Kevin Colleran, Rick Marini, Eniac Ventures, Slow Ventures, Data Collective, Rothenberg Ventures.


What is next for Luxe?

The new funding of $ 20 M will be used to support the hiring of Ro Choy as the company’s chief business officer, who served in CRO roles for multiple startups, the most recent being the BitTorrent. He is going to analyze the business and grow its demand.

Luxe is only 6 months old and for now it is operating only on 2 markets, San Francisco and Los Angeles. It was only available on iOS previously but now with its huge demand even Android has this app. The company has plans to make this on demand valet service available for other cities in USA. Its next target is Boston, Chicago, Seattle. The company expects to start the service by the end of April.

More about Luxe

Luxe, the logistics platform which drives the next generation of local real time services, starting with parking was founded on June 2013 by Craig Martin, Curtis Lee. You just have to download this app, drop off anywhere, tell Luxe where you are going and one of Luxe’s experienced valets will be there to park your car. They will also wash and fuel you car if you want and when you are ready to leave , tell them where you want your car returned and it will be delivered to you in San Francisco.