Moov raises $12M in Series B

What does Moov do?

Moov, is a developer of artificial intelligence enabled fitness wearables. This fitness wearable offers connection in real time for motivational coaching. The company is dedicated in helping users improve the quality of daily workout. By combining gameplay and artificial intelligence into a first of its kind wearable device. The company is taking fitness training to the next level. The advanced sensors read the user’s body form, while it syncs with the smart phone for providing real time feedback and coaching instructions which can help improve while the user exercises. The company incorporates sport science research from Stanford and Harvard and is designed for helping beginners and professionals similarly. Now users can get the max from every workout, so that they can train faster and harder without compromising on results. Working at the gym for 40 minutes might feel as a sufficient workout, but unless one pushes through every sprint, burpee and squat within target heart rate zone, it is all wrongly done. So, this is why this platform has introduced artificial intelligence powered voice coaching and is launching the first wearable which will guide the users through a variety of high intensity, calorie burning workouts based on heart rate with Moov HR. The wearable is designed to be worn on the head as either as a swim cap or sweatband. It is a tiny lightweight sensor which monitors heart rate with great accuracy for optimizing every workout.

How much Moov was funded?

The company raised $12M in Series B on October 19, 2016 from Mangrove Capital,  Technology Group and BOE.

Previous funding

$1M on March 14, 2014

$3M in Series A on October 22, 2014 from Banyan Capital Partners

What is next for Moov?

Moov is creating a totally new wearable experience which provides actionable data in line with present trends.

More about Moov

Moov was founded  in 2014 by Nikola Hu, Tony Yuan and Meng Li. It has its headquarters in Mountain View, CA.