OmniActive Health Technologies raises $35M

What does OmniActive Health Technologies do?

OmniActive Health Technologies, is a leading supplier of naturally sourced ingredients for weight management, eye health and heart health to nutraceutical companies which supply food supplements and nutritional fortification. This company was born from Kancor industries, a supplier of ingredients rooted in flavoring and food industry. With a history in extraction of natural products, the company is well versed in the processes and technologies necessary for providing special ingredients for the supplements space and the beverage and food companies. This is a research driven approach, well equipped research and development centers across Canada and India and state of the art manufacturing facilities, and sales and marketing presence across Europe, US and Asia. This company has a very strong presence in the United States and is working at achieving similar success in Asia and Europe.

How much OmniActive Health Technologies was funded?

The company raised $35M in undisclosed round on January 2, 2017 from Everstone

What is next for OmniActive Health Technologies?

OmniActive Health Technologies plans on using the latest funding raised for diversifying and expanding its offerings. The company uses the funding from this deal in its inorganic growth strategy and executing the acquisition chances it has identified. The investment will also help the company in scaling its already strong presence in the fast paced nutraceutical space.

More about OmniActive Health Technologies

OmniActive Health Technologies was founded in 2005. It has its headquarters in Morristown, New Jersey. This company offers a wide range of quality ingredients, which are scientifically and innovatively validated for addressing complex challenges for the consumers in the food, dietary supplement and beverage space using sustainable solutions which are tech driven with application support within a global regulatory framework. Their core products include plant extracts, carotenoids and specialty functional ingredients. The company has emerged as the leading nutraceutical ingredient supplier in the last decade.