What does One Drop do?

One Drop, is a diabetes management platform which helps people in navigating diabetes together. One Drop is an app for diabetes management company. This app was launched in the App store this April as a way of helping diabetics to maintain a running log of their personal insulin levels, the effectiveness of the medication, what was recently consumed by them and what kinds of activities are affecting the blood sugar level on every day basis.

How much One Drop was funded?

One Drop raised $8M in Series A funding on June 4, 2015 from the investors RRE Ventures, Capital Factory, BoxGroup, Neu Venture Capital and LAUNCH.

What is next for One Drop?

The latest funding will help this diabetes management app in developing software, creating new features and add hardware for the app as it continues to grow its network of users.  The company had 60,000 user sessions in the first 5 weeks after its initial launch and that the app had an 89% conversion rate from download to active users. It is currently ranked at 298 in the list of popular health and fitness app in the App store.

Dachis said that he will move beyond the app and into the hardware space with One Drop in 2015 with the release of a connected glucose meter. This meter syncs up with the app and helps users accurately log their daily blood glucose levels. The funding will also help the company is adding more features to the app as well as build an Android app and work on partnering with self insured employers and insurers.

More about One Drop

One Drop has its headquarters in New York, NY. It was created by Jeff Dachis and Razorfish. This app helps diabetics maintaining running log of their insulin levels, the medications’s effectiveness, what they ate recently and what activities are affecting their blood sugar levels every day.