Opal raises $12M in Series B

What does Opal do?

Opal, is an enterprise software. It is a collaborative platform for brand marketing teams for producing, orchestrating and governing brand marketing. Their StoryFirst framework helps teams with dedicated environment in visualizing and deploying campaigns across all marketing channels in aligning teams and reducing complexity for better marketing results. Brand marketing teams collaborate effectively and efficiently with this company for orchestrating cohesive campaigns which deliver brand messages consistently. The teams will maintain shared context with comprehensive views of content, campaign strategy and workflow. You can manage the entire brand marketing process in one seamless platform, putting the focus on creativity, avoiding hours of inefficiency. Teams stay on the same page as they consistently develop campaigns across all marketing channels.

How much Opal was funded?

Opal raised $12M in Series B on December 27, 2016

Previous Funding

$2.1M announced February 26, 2014 and closed on December 10, 2013 from Oregon Angel Fund,  Seven Peaks Ventures, Portland Seed Fund and Dino Vendetti

$8M in Series A on October 3, 2014 from Madrona Venture Group,  Ventures, Seven Peaks,  MMC Ventures and InterWest Partners.

What is next for Opal?

The company is raising more money, said CEO Steve Giannini, but he did not reveal any more details of how the funding will be used.

More about Opal

Opal was founded in 2011 by Matt Oxley, George Huff, David Gorman and Steve Giannini. This company helps businesses in streamlining the production of media and marketing campaigns with one central framework and platform. Its clients include big names like NASA, Starbucks, Nike, Target, Airbnb etc. This company is a 2013 graduate of Portland Seed Fund. The company employs around 70 people globally and 50 people in Portland. The company has additional offices in London and New York City- and there are 12 positions open on board. Opal, USA, enterprise software