What does Phantom Cyber do?

Phantom Cyber accelerates and amplifies network security operations. It closes the security gap by enabling Enterprise Security Operations to be faster, smarter and stronger.  Phantom Cyber integrates key stages of security operations from prevention to resolution and triage, delivering a good increase in security operations effectiveness and productivity.

This security software company pioneers a new approach to defeating the cyber attacks through acceleration and amplifying cyber security operations.

How much Phantom Cyber was funded?

Phantom Cyber raised $2.7 M in seed round from the investors Rein Capital, Zach Nelson, Foundation Capital, John W. Thompson and Tom Noonan.

What is next for Phantom Cyber?

The investor’s capital and strategic support adds significant moementum and resources to the development of Phantom Cyber over the previous year of ntegrating new platform for security first responders, making defenders fast, strong and smart via automation.
Phantom Cyber platform is being constructed for empowering security teams via a comprehensive approach to the digital battlefield and super fast automated responses to the most severe threats faced by sensitive data and critical systems.

More about Phantom Cyber
Phantom Cyber was found in 2014 by Oliver Friedrichs and Sourabh Satish, the veterans who helped propel organizations such as Cisco, Symantec, Sourcefire and others to success. It has its headquarters in Woodside. It mechanizes organization’s security operations. In case of questionable times which includes the powerful  rise in number of attacks, plenty of shortage in qualified individuals, surge  in the complexity and diversity of the security climates of information technology and investors, consumers and investors controlling management to task for any breaches, Phantom Cyber equips security processes with the automation and instrumentation solutions which prep them for the defense of their company’s business.
Phantom Cyber helps you by creating a security team and environment which is worth far more than all of its parts.