Productboard Raises $1.3M

What does Productboard do?

Productboard, is a pioneering system of record for product management. It is a software as a service application which helps product leaders make what people want. With this platform, product leaders can efficiently conduct research, prioritize what has to be built next, communicate progress and plans, and using product engagement data for closing the feedback loop. This company is to product leaders what Salesforce CRM is to sales leaders. The company is modular, grid interface which brings out previously hidden text and helps with alignment. It helps in integration with other enterprise software tools such as help desks, CRMs, engagement analytics and feature request forums. Its built in collaboration and automation of collecting customer input, attaining feedback and buy in from stakeholders, making sure it aligns with strategic goals, pushing prioritized features into engineering task management tools and maintaining roadmaps. Its advanced features helps with user research, competitive analysis, laser precise segmentation and user research.

How much Productboard was funded?

The company raised $1.3M on October 19, 2016 from Spread Capital, Index Ventures and Credo Ventures.

Previous funding

$400k on April 18, 2015 from Rockaway Capital

What is next for Productboard?

The company plans on using the funding raised for rallying teams around a common vision for what is the real need of the users so that they can build wildly successful products.  The company helps to share investors with other visionary design focused companies such as Intercom and Slack. The funding will help the company in accelerating the development of its SaaS platform for product discovery, which helps digital product teams in understanding what to build next, for whom and why.

More about Productboard

Productboard was founded on April 4, 2014 by Hubert Palan and Daniel Hejl. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. This is a system of record for product management which helps teams in making products that people want.