Rewind a new app allows you to create picture timelines that go away in 24 hours


Who is Rewind?

Rewind is a startup application available on Google play store, can solve the human needs allowing them to be connected with their most loved persons, particularly around what they are doing the latest 24 hours. Rewind is a quick basic fun approach to recount your day by day story as it happens. Consider Rewind like a 24 hour visual diary, where posts past 24 hours vanish from your Rewind and also from their servers. Rewind has been designed to empower individuals to slide through and experience others day in a matter of seconds. You can exit on any post and can be connected with that particular person.

What does Rewind do?

The main idea behind this application is to issue you and your companions an approach to think back on your most as of late taken photographs and posts, which you can do rapidly by sliding your finger to look through Rewind’s feature called “course of events”. Anyhow, the turn with Rewind is that none of the shares are perpetual and everything vanishes from the application following 24 hours.

Features in Rewind:

Rewind is completely opposite to Instagram, which drives you to ease off and precisely consider which of your numerous photographs is deserving of being altered and imparted. Rewind just urges you to impart every one of them. Rewind’s timetables are comparable in soul to Snapchat’s Stories, with the exception of they stick around for a touch longer. Rewind is very simple to use– you can simply install the application and invite your frineds. To take after a client, you at present need to enter in their Rewind username, yet the address book is being prepared for the application’s next discharge. To take a picture and share, you just swipe up on the cam viewfinder, Rewind has recorded a patent on this specific, exceptional collaboration. You can just post photographs you take inside the application.

Subsequently, friends on Rewind can see your past photographs and content posts by looking back through your course of events. The timetable likewise offers visualization at the base that shows which hours of the day have more photographs. You can look through the course of events by dragging your finger, so you can travel through their shares as quick or as moderate however you see fit.

What’s next in Rewind?

The San Diego-based startup has been trying the Rewind application in front of its official dispatch with more than 100 high schoolers, and observed that its service appeared to motivate engagement. Users were opening the application 10 times each day, and even sharing minimum 35 photographs every day.