SeeYoo an android App let you say “On My Way” to your friends

seeyoo app

What does SeeYoo do?

SeeYoo is a new pre-mapping application available now on Google Play store. This app let you notify your friends that you are on the way when you are late. You can have a conversation with your friends during your travel and let them know your continuous updates on a map.

Why do we SeeYoo need?

SeeYoo is so easy and fun to use, most effortless approach to meet your friends. You can figure out the private area for the meeting using the map and also invite your friends who are in your contact list to join you. You can get a route map to the meeting point to reach safe. It’s a pristine application to be utilized for your journey to meet your companions when there is a gathering ought to meet. Group of friends can chat with one another and also can see their location on the map.

More about SeeYoo:

SeeYoo is a secure application where your location is kept private so that nobody could see where you are, except your preferred friends. To enlist you simply need to register SeeYoo with your mobile number, which is kept secure. Likewise, SeeYoo incorporates “push-to-talk” voice informing, whereby you tap in the screen and hold on to talk. All discussions are kept private, they are erased once you close the discussion. SeeYoo is just simply similar to Whatsapp and also Apple’s find my app where you can chat with your friends and also helps you track the location.