Should Your Startup Use Freelancers?

When you start up in business, it can be a fine line between managing your time well and your business just taking over your life. In a way, the latter is pretty normal. You are so invested in the business and want to make it work, so you will almost want to spend every minute of the day overseeing things. But if that happens, then it can be really detrimental to you and perhaps even the business. It can lead to burnout, and it can also lead to the growth of the business slowing down. While overseeing everything is your job, you need to be able to step back and let others do the smaller tasks for you. Then your time can be better used to be making decisions that help to grow your business, rather than getting bogged down in the day-to-day running of the business and admin.  

One way to do this is to hire freelancers to do work for you from time to time. It can be much cheaper in the long-term than hiring staff full-time, and it can really help your business growth. So if you’re new to hiring freelancers or not sure why you should, here are a few reasons why they could help your business to develop and thrive.

Experts in Their Field

When you own a business you have to do a little bit of everything. But if you’re suddenly having to do things that you have no experience in, then it can make the task take much longer than it would if someone knew what they were doing. So for starters, it can save you so much time to have a freelancer design your website, for instance, rather than you having to learn how to do it all. For admin, you could quite easily look to do an online business administration bachelors degree, for example. But would your time be better spent doing other parts of the business, and use a freelancer that has already done the business administration training? So for those reasons, freelancers can help your business to grow as they can come in and just get on with the work.


Flexible Working

Being able to have people doing work for you that is completely flexible can be really helpful. If you need something last minute they could move around their schedule to fit things in. You can use freelancers that are abroad or on different time zones if needed. So because they set their own work patterns, but can work late into the night if they choose to, it means that deadlines are met on time, and they can work quickly.


Hard Working

An ideal situation for a freelancer is to get a steady stream of work coming in so that they have the money that they need, and they don’t have to spend time pitching for work. So if you have a freelancer, they are likely to be harder working than employed colleagues would be, as they know that doing a good job can lead to recommendations or repeat work. So that is definitely something that can work to your advantage.