What does SiteZeus do?

SiteZeus, is a pioneer in site selection technology, which powers big data driven location intelligence and site execution for new and established brands. It offers consultants, brokers and retail concepts a turnkey, cloud hosted and internet platform for selecting a site. It is the new evolution in site selections which is driven by extraordinarily engineered big data systems and unparalleled services of real estate. It is establishing the art and science behind the accurate selection process of sites for established and emerging brands through its unique web based technology.

How much SiteZeus was funded?

SiteZeus raised $2.2M in Series A funding on April 22nd, 2015 from the investors BALDWIN BEACH CAPITAL and Chris Sullivan.

What is next for SiteZeus?

SiteZeus will use the new funding for expanding its team and bringing SiteZeus to market in this year.

It is to soon launch the industry’s 1st site selection technology which uses data driven location intelligence and site execution, designed for restaurants, retail and hospitals with more than 10 locations.

More about SiteZeus

SiteZeus was founded in 2013 by Keenan Baldwin, Azad Ratzki and Hannibal Baldwin. It has its headquarters in Tampa, FL.  It was created when the founders found a new way of revolutionizing site selection for growing restaurant or retail brands by suing the big data, technology, fast data and of all most importantly, simplicity.

SiteZeus is the first site selection solution which incorporates real estate brokerage services and data driven location intelligence, designed for restaurant, hospital and retail brands. It is currently in beta stage, and the technology has been deployed by many brands who base on its power for understanding the core essentials for the present and new location on a national, regional and local level, thus boosting rapid and profitable real estate decisions. It plans to officially launch its platform within the next month.