Six Basic Steps in Forming a Company in the Political Capital of the UAE


There can be a lot of places where you can form your company in the UAE. One of them is the political capital of the country, which is Abu Dhabi.

It is considered to be a safe place and a sought-after location because of its flexibility. Its basic procedures can be read below depend on company types,you can choose between free zonesorĀ LLC Company Formation in UAE.

Basic Steps in Forming a Company in Abu Dhabi

  1. Business Activity

Before one can start a business setup in Abu Dhabi, the nature of business should be decided first as it determines what kind of business license is needed by the company. The requirements and fees also depend on this.

With this, the investors should be aware of the business activities that are allowed and not in Abu Dhabi for them to be sure of their decision. They should also be decided by this before anything else to swiftly secure the documents that are needed.

  1. Company Type

The company types that are offered in Abu Dhabi are proportionate to the needs of a business, which also depends on their activity. It can be a limited liability company, an establishment, etc.). The requirements differ based on what company type a business needs to be.

  1. Location

You can choose between the free zones and the mainland in having your business setup in Abu Dhabi. This depends on where your business will mostly thrive in.

If investors choose to have an LLC company formation in Abu Dhabi, it means that it will be in the mainland. In this location, you need to find a local partner with whom you will need to share your business with. However, if you are after having a 100% ownership of your company, the free zones are the perfect places for you to choose from.Depending on what your business focuses on, you can narrow down your location choices because they are industry-specific free zones. This will ensure that they can cater to the needs and requirements of your firm.

  1. Trade Name

This is what represents your business, making it an essential part of business setup. The trade name that you will choose is one of the first things that will attract the consumers to your business so it must be related to what your company is all about. An exception of course is when you are setting up a branch of your company.

  1. Obtaining Approvals

There are approvals from authorities that you need to obtain for you to start applying and processing your trade license. However, there are certain activities that only require the approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED) and no other approvals.

  1. Issuance of License

When all the approvals are obtained and passed along with the required documents and fees are also paid, the processing will start. Once these are all done, the license will then be issued and the business owner can start operating.

Based on the needs of your company, you can also start hiring your staff. You can start from 2-3 employees until you grow depending on the required manpower of your business.

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