What does Spiro do?

Spiro, is a personal sales assistant app for salespeople. It is the industry’s first personal sales assistant which is built for helping quota carrying salespeople make more money. It is the personal sales assistant who connects with salesforce.com, calendar and email to recommend what actions salespeople can take for closing more deals and make more money. The Spiro app is free and available now in the Apple App Store. Salespeople at over 200 companies have beta tested this company and their results were dramatic. Salespeople using this app have an average of 11% more deals sold per month and increased their average deal by 18%.

How much Spiro was funded?

Spiro raised $1.5M in seed round on Rob Wadsworth, Tom Tucker, Vijay Balan and Omar Hussain.

What is next for Spiro?

Spiro is free to use and is immediately available. Users should have an iPhone and be using Salesforce. Extra CRM systems are expected to be supported soom. The company will be demonstrating the new personal sales app at the Sales Stack Conference in San Francisco.

 More about Spiro

Spiro was founded on June 1, 2014 by Justin Kao, Andy Levi and Adam Honig. It has its headquarters in Boston, MA. The founding team has developed and deployed technology solutions for over 30K sales people in the past decade. This is a personal app which is focused on one thing that is empowering the salespeople to make more money. The app is fun, very easy to use and needs to entry of data. Thus, it actually works for salespeople and not against them. This app works as your personal assistant and it recommends the smartest things salespeople can do in every moment to make more money. This app cane be downloaded for free from the Apple App store.