Startup ‘DreamCheaper’ let you reserve hotels at a very low cost


What does DreamCheaper do?

DreamCheaper is a Berlin- based startup, providing its service on hotel booking, offering best deals to the customers with fairly charges compare to other booking platforms. Customers can simply open their website and look into the price of their preferred hotel to reserve. Your reservation can also be cancelled or rebooked for free. If there are no current reservations then, Dream Cheaper reminds you when it will be available.

Why do we need DreamCheaper?

In general, booking industries or the search engine platforms demand extra high charges for their commission, but DreamCheaper helps you book your spotted hotels in a flexible way at a very low rate. There comes a situation where customer need to cancel their reservation or postpone their reservation to other day then, this startup has certain algorithms that can find out the same room in the same hotel and rebooks for you without ever letting you to over pay.

Who is DreamCheaper for?

Many other booking industries or the hotels might try to stop DreamCheaper, as they are getting loss on their bookings, but this startup has ways around it, such as further developing its payments system so that each subsequent booking is technically made by the individual customer.

What’s next in DreamCheaper? 

This startup is now scanning thousands of traveling websites and many hotels, to find you the best deals to the customers than any other booking industry. DreamCheaper creates income by taking 20 percent of any cash spared despite helping many customers with savings up-to 60%.