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European Startups As an owner of a European consumer, you might face various challenges in term of learning about the various startups and application that can make your everyday tasks a lot easier. Even when you are aware of the existence of an innovative product or app, you generally are not sure about how and where to find detailed information related to the same. We at Jcount help you to overcome this problem by providing a platform where you can easy search for different types of startups from Europe. When it comes to offering information about the most useful startups, we are one of the most trusted names in the industry. Startups in Europe – Types Of Startups We offer information about a diverse range of startups in Europe related to various niches and industries. Whether you are looking for a technical startup or a startup related to travel or health, you are sure to find it here on or website. The information for all the startups is well provided in an organized manner under different categories which makes searching for specific products and ideas quite easy. Our include some of the best startup owners across Europe, who not only submit their ventures on our website but also update any information and news related to the same in a regular manner. Comprehensive Information Through Startup Blog Unlike other website that limit themselves to enabling startup owners to simply submit their ventures, we go a step further to provide you u detailed information about the venture through our blog page. Since the blogs are submitted by the clients themselves, they tend to contain more accurate information about the various aspects, features and usage of the startup that might interest you. You can also conduct an internal search for Europe startup blog, to make sure that you are able to view only those blogs that are related to the startups from European countries. Most of these blogs contain all the vital details that would make you aware of the benefits of using the product or app in your everyday life and also erase any doubts that you might have about the same. Ability To Compare Similar Startups The startup industry is growing at a rapid pace which is why several applications, products and ideas meant to resolve a single problem have been made available online. However, we offer you the benefit of being able to compare the startups that are designed to serve the same purpose. Since you are easily able to gain information about the different features and usability of several European startups at a single place through our website, the task of comparing them becomes much easier. Experience The Difference With Jcount Jcount has been playing an instrumental role in helping people find the most beneficial European startups that have made their life easy. To have firsthand experience of this truth, just visit Jcount now, and feel the difference about gaining comprehensive and reliable information about the various European startups that can change your life for better.

Doorman - Evening Package Delivery on Request

What does Doorman Do? Doorman is a courier service which lets you schedule your online ordered products delivery according to your own timings. It simply helps you perfect the moment when you ‘actually’ receive your e-commerce order. Why do we need Doorman? Online shopping has become a trend these days. But many a times due …

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Le Wagon - The French innovative coding school

What does Le wagon Do? Le wagon is a French company that helps beginners into the world of programming. Le wagon specializes in building entrepreneurs who have the capacity to build their own projects whilst possessing a deep understanding of all the technical issues. Why do we need Le wagon? Learning coding is not a …

Carousell - Snap, List, Sell.

What does Carousell Do? Carousell is an online application that lets the ios and android users buy and sell their stuff. It enables the user to sell products that are not really useful to them. It also lists some deals for new products as well. Commonly listed products are fashion accessories, laptops, make up products …

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Charge OTG - World's Smallest and Smartest Powerbank which can Charge, Sync and Store Data.

What is Charge OTG for? Charge OTG is a device which can be used to charge smart phones, sync or store data on the go (OTG). The size of this device is equal to a pack of a gum and is really convenient to carry. It can be easily attached to a keychain. Being compact …

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What does Warewolf company Do? The world of Service Buses is overly complex and intricate. Most service buses are difficult to understand and complicated to use. The current situation is so bad that some developers won’t even use Service Buses because the complexity and cost outweighs the benefits. We felt this frustration, and decided to change …

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