Warewolf ESB is open source tool for businesses to integrate with multiple systems in a simple, visual way


What does Warewolf company Do?

The world of Service Buses is overly complex and intricate. Most service buses are difficult to understand and complicated to use. The current situation is so bad that some developers won’t even use Service Buses because the complexity and cost outweighs the benefits.

We felt this frustration, and decided to change it.

Warewolf.io  Easy Service Bus (ESB) is built to bequick to learn and easy to use. It is used for designing, orchestrating and implementing communication between software applications in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework. Warewolf ESB handles the heavy lifting like messaging, routing, and service co-ordination. It takes the complexity of integration into a simple, easy process that is quickly deployed across multiple systems.

In the Warewolf Studio you will find are over 40 prebuilt tool connectors, including pre-configured tools, a platform to build working prototypes, visual interface and centralised messaging. Your work is deployable by any developer, into any software system, anywhere in the world. Best of all, Warewolf ESB is free to use.

Warewolf ESB is fully open source and is available for C# developers to contribute to. Get involved early and get your name in the credits.

Why do we need Warewolf?

All business that use software will need to integrate with other software applications at some point, this is inevitable. Warewolf ESB is particularly suited to businesses that need to integrate with multiple systems in a simple, visual way.

The simplicity and speed at which this can be done saves you time and resources, and therefore money. Software developers can finally get out of the noise generated by complex, time-consuming applications andbe able to focus on the big picture.

Because it is open source, you are also able to make your own changes and modifications that suit your environment and needs.

What is Warewolf ESB? from Warewolf on Vimeo.

Who is Warewolf for?

Software developers who want to work faster, simpler and more effectively.
Small, medium and large business that want to integrate simply and seamlessly.
Technology professionals who can see the value of saving time and resources by building effective, simple systems that work.

What makes Warewolf stand out from Others?

  •  Easy to learn and simple to use
    • Simple API management, easy integrations and painless maintenance
    • Utilizes flow-based programming concepts in a visual platform
    • Design that encourages reuse and composition so you can leverage existing work
    • Services that can be composed and distributed with only a few clicks
    • Visual business processes so developers can quickly grasp them without having to deeply understand someone else’s code
    • Making it easy for business to collaborate with IT in a visual IDE