If your small business wants to design the best logo, you’ll need the best logo design software. Click here to find out our top 9 choices!

Are you a small business in need of a logo? Some small businesses overlook the importance of branding. This is typically due to concerns about cost. But a logo is one of the easiest ways to create brand awareness, and you need brand awareness to succeed.

There are several things you can do to increase awareness. First, you need to separate yourself from others in your industry by developing a marketing strategy. Having a logo is important for creating your brand identity.

Creating a logo doesn’t have to break the bank. With today’s digital technology, a new logo is only minutes away.

Determine the color scheme you’d like to go with. Decide on a font and incorporate your own image if you have one. Next, find the best logo design software to bring your vision to life.

Continue reading for a list of nine logo maker software programs that can help you take the next step.

1. 99Designs

With over 400,000 customers using 99Designs, this company has made their mark in the business of logo maker software. Your design can be next.

This logo maker service offers a community of expert designers from around the world to assist you along the way. They have packages for every budget that includes numerous design concepts.

Their packages come with full copyright to your unique design. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

2. LogoMaker

This logo creator software gives users a quick way to design logos at low cost. They have over 10,000 images and icons to choose from. There are 50 fonts to available to make a design your own.

modern workspace

modern wooden workspace with computer showing graphic design software. All screen graphics are made up. 3D illustration.

For $39.99 you can create a logo and design it in a high-resolution file for web use. Files can be downloaded in popular file formats such as .jpg, .png, .gif.

Logomaker provides a good solution for small businesses. However, once you have decided on a design there are limited options for customization.

If you are looking for more options and formats, they do offer designer packages at an additional cost.

3. Logoshi

If cost is an issue Logoshi may be the best logo maker software for those with a limited budget.

You can get a decent logo for as low as $5.

With this logo maker, you have the capability to upload a sketch of your logo idea, and then match fonts and colors to bring your idea full circle.

Logoshi is easy to use and once you are satisfied with your design you have options to add customization. The software allows you to change colors, fonts, the dimensions and more.

4. Best Logo Design Software by Canva

Canva is known for its high-quality images that help businesses design eye-catching graphics for websites and social media platforms. It is not surprising that you can also create logos.

One important feature is their drag-and-drop editing tool. You can also upload your own images to create a truly unique logo.

It is free to utilize Canva’s logo maker, which includes fonts, colors, and a large selection of no-cost images. Users can access premium images for as low as $1 each.

5. Wix Logo Maker

Wix is known for its DIY websites. Now they offer logo maker software for small businesses.

The easy to use tool guides users through a step by step process offering suggestions based on questions about their business. You can enter the name of your business, a tagline and choose from a selection of icons.

Once you are satisfied with your logo you can download a low-resolution image for free, or choose from two premium high-resolution options.

If you are looking for a no-frills logo, Wix is the way to go.

6. Logo Garden

A company built by graphic designers, Logo Garden prides itself on being a user-friendly logo maker option for small businesses. They offer a free logo generator with 1,000’s of options.

The step-by-step tool allows users to choose from a list of industries and symbols to start the process. A grid is provided to help layout the design, customize fonts and add effects.

Logo Garden also offers a premium design service for $39.99. The service comes with three design revisions and high-resolution files that can be used online or for printing.

7. Laughingbird

A “Graphics Powerhouse” is how Laughingbird is described by its creator. The logo design software is $37 and has everything to create unlimited business logos in minutes.

Users can upload their own graphics or choose from four modules. The modules include logos, business cards, character mascot creator and over 100 images of people.

Laughingbird offers the best software to create logos in full color, to give eye-catching appeal. For design ideas read more here.

8. Logo Design Studio Pro

When it comes to logo creator software, Logo Design Studio Pro offers vector graphics, which allows images to be stretched to large proportions. Logos can be used to brand everything from coffee mugs to trade-show backdrops.

At the low price of $49.99, you can reshape images and change proportions. The logo maker also comes with the option to add special effects including 3D bevel techniques.

Logo Design Pro also offers Logo Design Assistance Service. With this add-on, a professional graphics designer will review your logo and create professional designs based on your idea.

9. Adobe Illustrator

For the more tech-savvy person, Adobe Creative Suite offers Adobe Illustrator. Users will have more options and design tools to create a one of a kind logo.

Adobe Illustrator is by far the best logo maker but comes with a cost. The program requires a monthly subscription of $20.99. The benefits make it a good option for all graphic designing projects your business may need.

A key feature is turning images into vectors, which allows the logo to be resized for any project.

The other key features include access to a perspective grid to create depth in the design. They also offer gradients for working with color fonts and backgrounds.

Creating the Right Logo For Your Business

Designing a logo is quick and easy with the right software. Your small business can now stand out from the competition.

Use your new logo to create stationary, business cards and to brand images for social media.

There is a variety of marketing uses as well, like t-shirts, hats, and signs. And if you use the best logo design software, you can be sure to stand out.

If you are a new startup looking for help creating visibility for your business, contact us today.