What does Better Cloud do?


Better Cloud is a security and management firm for running entire cloud office environment. The company’s motto reveals “Better IT solutions” aims at providing intelligent data security, critical insights and automated management for cloud office platforms.


Trusted and voted by several firms worldwide it provides solutions to Office 365 and support for Google drive, the first if its kind for providing real time API based platform for data loss prevention for Google apps.


Better cloud also runs a video tutorial website, The Gooru that teaches tricks for Gmail and Google app users.


How much Better Cloud was funded?


Investors Flybridge Partners, Accel Partners, Greycroft Partners and New Amsterdam Capital etal in a Series D funding on 26th March, 2015 have invested around $25 million taking the total funding of Better cloud in a total of five rounds to around $46.9 million until now.



Series C funding saw investors Flybridge Capital Partners, BLH Venture partners and Ashish H.Mistry pump in $8.6 million on April 16th 2014.


Series B funding saw the same investors in Series C funding along with Bear Creek Capital and Tribeca Venture Partners invest around $6 million on 25th September, 2013 and $5.1 million in Series A Funding on June 12, 2013.


Seeded funding for Better Cloud was for $2.2 million on may 10, 2012 by BLH Venture Partners and Ashish H. Mistry.


What is next for Better Cloud?


In a short span of three years Better Cloud has expanded into a true enterprise data management company. The investors having a great confidence that the company would use the investment for profoundly expanding marketing and sales and also to have a better integrated data management based on the cloud platform.


More about Better Cloud:


Founded in November 2011 in the city of New York and the offices of engineering based in Atlanta Georgia it has an employee base of around 10-250 with an increase from 35 to 90 percent.

Sales grew exponentially and with upholding its motto of providing better IT solutions Better Cloud lived up to its promise.