What does The News Lens do?

The News Lens, is an Independent Media for Chinese Reader. It is an independent news site based in Taipei. This news platform aims to be a platform where a huge range of Chinese readers can engage in informed debates about important social issues, news and political issues. It publishes its own news and analysis, and has content sharing agreements with publications such as GQ, The Wall Street Journal and Malaysiakini, an alternative Malaysian media organization. Its Hong Kong office will contribute to an original coverage about mainland China.

How much The News Lens was funded?

Undisclosed amount in Series A funding onMay 26, 2015 from Jim Wu, Hari Kumar, Herbert Chang, North Base Media and 500 Startups.

Previous funding

Undisclosed amount in Angel round on December 11, 2013 from Sasa Vucinic and Marcus Brauchli. Though the amount of funding was disclosed, according to TechCrunch it was between $1 to $2 million.

What is next for The News Lens?

The investment will be used for launching an Android and iOS app next month and continue the company’s expansion into a market other than Taiwan.  It was originally launched in 2013 for providing an independent and analytical alternative to the newspapers in the country, which are known for their strong political views and obsessive coverage of minor celebrity gossip.  Since then The News Lens has expanded to Hong Kong, and currently has an office there, and SE Asia. It is planning a bilingual editions and hopes to become one of the most trusted source of news for Chinese readers in the world.

More about The News Lens

The News Lens was founded in August 1st, 2013 and has its headquarters in Taipei. The company currently claims 5 million unique visitors, with a million from outside Taiwan. Its audiences are young ones, with 75% between the ages of 18-35.