Startups rely on employees to make the difference. As the boss, cutting costs and cultivating contacts are the sexy, exotic ways to make money yet they low down the list. A business needs the best possible employees if it is going to beat the odds and expand into a market leader.

Finding them can be tricky; after all, every organization wants them too. Nearly 70% of HR professionals report problems with filling posts because the applicants are up to standard. Not only is it tough, but it is getting tougher. This post is going to show you proven ways to source better workers so that you don’t have to worry.

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Use Your Staff For Lead Generation

Logic dictates the people working in the office now fit the bill. Some will be the anomalies which prove the rule, yet it’s a pretty safe generalization to make. Therefore, there are the perfect people to ask about potential hires. It’s their business to make contacts and to know people to enhance their career. Along the way, your team will have come across candidates that hit all the targets, but they won’t dish without a little push. Remember that they’ll love the fact you value their opinion so it’s a win-win.

Use Somebody Else’s

Although this sounds facetious, it isn’t because of a thing called outsourcing. You have a task which needs completing and outsourcers have the resources to help. In the majority of cases, the third party will take on the role so that you don’t have to, yet it’s not always like that. Freo Group has a service called labor hire where clients can benefit from a professional and expert workforce. All you need to do is to check out the standard of the labor before committing.

Post Listings Abroad

You’re on the hunt and you have a few platforms in mind. LinkedIn is a prime example as it’s a social media site tailored to your needs with millions of users. However, using the same methods over and again limits the talent pool and, therefore, the quality at your disposal. By post listings abroad, the company opens up the position to a diverse group of candidates with a range of skills. Often, international employees help businesses to grow as they bring a new perspective to the office. Sometimes, a fresh, innovative point of view is the most important thing.

And Hold On To Them

This goes for all resumes you receive and not only the foreign ones. An applicant might not be the right fit now yet they might be in the future. There’s no way to tell until the time comes. Regardless, by putting the resume on file, the business has access to a readymade replacement if there is an opening. And, you know they are interested in the position or else they wouldn’t apply for the job initially. There might be one dream employee, but there are five or six which are more than suitable.

Now that you have a bigger pool of talent, the final thing to do is to make a choice.