The startup Operator helps you order anything you need


Who is Operator for?

Uber an U.S international company working on mobile applications, has now introduced a new startup called Operator, which is still under finishing stage. Operator helps you order anything you need, and delivers it to you at your place. A similar App called ‘Magic’, backed by Y-Combinator has recently rolled out with the same idea. But, Operator service is more gleaming application, which is still under testing since a year, with an aim of adding more useful features to change the Commerce.

What does Operator do?

The present Operator website is just a Teaser. Coming to features, operator app behaves like an inbox that accepts your orders like messages. To order anything, users just need to type a message a simple message of what they require and send it. Once the message is sent, Unlike other apps using machines or any tools, Operator works on human operators who do research to deliver the best of what you request. Once the order is confirmed, they will call or chat to confirm again and provide things you want, to your place.

What’s next in Operator?

As opposed to only contracting its own particular Operators, the startup could possibly let organizations handle demands with their own particular Operators that know the ins and outs of their items and administrations. On-interest administrations may have the capacity to guide themselves into Operator as an option front-end for making an appeal. Currently, there are no details of operator of, when it is going to finish its private tests and come ready to serve the public.