There are plenty of applications out there, but if you are talking about successful apps, then there just a few. This is mainly because building a successful app takes more than just some app development skills. The developer has to be user focused, commit to the quality of the app. The following are 5 best practices to follow if you want to develop a good mobile app.

  1. It has to be unique- To attain success in the world of mobile apps, you must make it unique, well thought off and it must add value. You have to be different from the competitors. Whatever ideas you have for an app, chances are that someone else has already though about it. They might have even created something based on it. So even if you make something that does something different, ensure it does it differently.
  2. User experience is very important- An app must provide a good user experience or it will be a total flop. Poor user experience will turn the user off quickly. User experience can be anything from the look, the feel, speed and the text on the screen. Some straightforward things which are basics are, the app has to be bug free, must have high performance. these things just prevent a negative user experience, but to promote a positive user experience, the app developer must understand the needs and requirements of the users. App developer must understand them well and execute them well. If you meet all the user’s requirements, then the user experience will be good. Good technology specification and user interface design also play an important role in providing a great user experience.
  3. Focus- as an app developer your focus must be on the user and how you can fulfill their needs. A successful app is task specific and solves discrete problems the users have. Your app needs to have a mission statements and must focus on the mobile usage. You have to consider the interaction the user has with the device and the input mechanisms
  4. Plan for updates- when you are submitting an app for the first time, you have to begin with a simple version. When it is released successfully, you have to keep updating it. You must work consistently to provide the users quality stuff. If you try to include everything in your app in the first go itself, you will have trouble with app delay and it will lose relevance too. So the best thing to do is, launch a simple version and keep adding features. You must gather your users feedback to provide the updates.
  5. Marketing is important- Marketing plays an important role too in the success of your app. You must understand the audience, provide for their needs. Right marketing done at the right time will ensure success of your apps. It will provide your leverage which is important for app success. You can market your app by creating a website, creating social profiles and interacting with people, running campaigns with advertising networks and posting on forums where people discuss about apps actively.

These are just simple practices, but they ensure app success.