Tips to grow your business using social media (Facebook and LinkedIn)


Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook at Harvard in 2004, his only vision was to connect the individuals and become more acquainted with each other at Harvard. From that point it has extended to different universities and today it has been connected with more than a billion individuals across the world.

What he didn’t expect was that, Facebook has quickly spread over millions of users and also used my many corporate businesses to improve their growth. Current days, every company definitely has a Facebook page.

While, I guess we no need to explain you about Facebook. Following are the tips that help your business would grow faster by using Facebook as a tool.

  1. Content

You all know for any website or a page “Content is the king”. If you really want your business to develop using Facebook, then all you need to engage your company page constantly. Great content would definitely help you to do that, yet great content would be ineffective and incapable in the event that you don’t have a strong group to show your content to.


Begin by growing a community before you begin promoting. The idea behind this is to improve trust with the community and also the community need to trust that you’re content would add value. And individuals can become your customers when they believe your business.

2.Tell Everyone

Inform everybody you know regarding your page. Inform them about your page and give clear instructions to like your page. You need your facebook friends, partners and contacts to make the positive move of going by your Facebook page and tapping the “Like” button. The individuals you definitely know – will frame the base of your Facebook page.


And the next step is,

  1. write a post on your timeline, explaining about what your company is, what products and services you are providing, when was that started, what’s your short term goal and long term goal and more.( indirectly asking them to like your page or post)
  2. Invite all your friends, friends of friends from your company’s page. Also you need to email your friends, send individual messages to invite.

3.Facebook Advertisements

The cheapest way to promote your page is through Facebook Ads (approx. $4 each day). This will surely add fans or customers to your page thereby growing your business. In any case, as in the disconnected from the net world, your offer will stay incapable if in case that you don’t offer a convincing purpose behind individuals to make the move you’d like them to. Incentivize with a convincing, unique, offer: would you be able to offer a free digital book, a half hour counsel for nothing, passage into a restrictive week by week draw, whatever it is – on the off chance that you can offer something convincing, something a client can’t get somewhere else, you will create significantly a larger number of fans than something else.

fb ads

4.Offers / Discounts

Another greatest way to develop your business is using discounts. As per the survey done by Exact Target, it was known that 40% of the individuals like the page for getting discounts.


Discounts can be given in many ways like,

  1. Like this page to get a discount

The least complex would be requesting individuals to like a page keeping in mind the end goal to get a discount code that they can utilize when they pay at your nearby store or pay when they from an online store.

  1. Like this product to get a discount

This is totally different. It obliges someone to like an item to get a discount. Suppose, when any one taps a like button, they will be getting a 5% discount. They not only get the discount and also that would appear on their profile too.

5.Use Promoted Posts

Promoted posts are utilized on targeted individuals of comparative interest individuals who are associated with you. It can be extremely compelling for organizations if they make use of it wisely.


LinkedIn is a business oriented social media service especially developed for professional growth of individuals or the business.


Ways to grow your business using LinkedIn:

1.100% Complete LinkedIn profile:

It is known that the profile pages which are 100% complete will get 40% more profile view than the normal profiles. The display picture should be completely professional. The more complete and professional your page is, the more you can grow your business and opportunities.

2.More than 500 Connections:

Connections are the people who are known to you or whom they know about you. More connections can make more influence towards your or your company’s career. If you get connected with many people you can make as many as clients or customers thereby developing your business.


3.Secure LinkedIn Endorsements from customers or those you’ve already worked with.

Forthcoming customers are prone to examine your LinkedIn supports before perusing your whole Profile Page or considering contracting you. Include the 25 top abilities you need to be supported for, with your best aptitudes at the top. LinkedIn says: “endorsements are the main heart of your profile where opportunities discover you.”


4.Utilize your LinkedIn Home Page to consistently impart important data to contacts or friends.

Besides reshaping your Profile, this straightforward box gives you a chance to include tips and assets and elude others to industry data, for example, articles and whitepapers. It’s another superb, yet concealed method for showcasing yourself.

5.Join at least 10 LinkedIn Groups.

While LinkedIn urges individuals to sign up to 50 of its groups, in case you’re simply beginning, 10 is a reasonable number. Try not to be an intruder however; remark consistently in these gatherings when you have important information to share and begin examinations.


To stay active in a particular group, it’s imperative to visit and share all the time — no less than three days in a week. The best time to take an interest is 8:00 AM of your time. One more tip: Always thank others for their remarks.

6.Upload PDFs, Slideshare presentations, features and audiofiles of your work.

This “show and tell” system permits you to support your stuff. Since including these sorts of things gives others a chance to see you in real life, it’s an incredible approach to advertise your abilities and aptitude to potential customers and clients