Top 5 business ideas of 2015

business ideas

we found 5 best business ideas of 2015 that gives inspiration to many entrepreneurs. Here is the list,

1. Scribble Pen

As stated by the designers of Scribble pen, it is “the first coloring device of its kind that can take the world of color around you and transfer it directly to either paper or your favorite mobile device.”

scribble pen

The pen highlights 2 features – one with a nib and one with a scanner. Customers can press the scanner at any surface to catch its shading, which is reflected into a six-character hex code that stores its RGB form. The pen likewise includes five refillable colors that are comprised of cyan, yellow, maroon, high contrast inks. At the point when an item is checked, the pen blends the perfect measure of every ink to reproduce its shading and making users to instantly attract it. On the other hand, the pen can be synced with devices by means of Bluetooth or USB and the shading can be used for computerized work. Its sensor can identify up to 16 million colors, and up to 100,000 filtered colors can be put away on the pen at any one time.

Outfitted with a 16-bit RGB shading sensor, the pen will likewise store that shading for future utilization on its 1GB memory card (equipped for putting away 100,000 unique colors). Cyan, fuchsia, yellow, and dark inks will have the capacity to combine inside of the pen to make the definite shading.

2. Ambulance Drone

Made by Alex Monton, graduated from Delft University of Technology, the ambulance drone is designed for emergency.


When a medical emergency occurs, the reaction time can have all the effect between life save and life lost. Ambulances can get stuck in heavy traffic and all things considered they arrive 10 minutes after the crisis call has been made. We’ve as of now seen Germany’s Defikopter using drones to guarantee tool kits are on scene when a restorative expert arrives, however now the Ambulance Drone is a generally useful therapeutic toolbox that can be naturally traveled to any crisis circumstance and used to guide natives to make non-specialized lifesaving systems.

3. Spritz

Spritz has been developed for Smartphone’s and watches. Spritz main point is that humans can read faster with the “streaming” text for up to 600 words per minute. Generally based on a theory humans (readers) slow down the data intake by the movement of eyes as spritz scans the lines of text. Spritz squeeze data into a small (300 px) space and then flashes every word for a fraction of sec.  According to the Spritz designers , every word has” optimal recognition point”.


4. Jibo

Jibo, the first robot by a Cambridge, Mass., startup with the same name, is manufactured to convey a body and voice to their hardware equipments. Chief Cynthia Breazeal, who is also an executive of the Personal Robots Group at MIT Media Lab, put years of work in social mechanical technology into Jibo, bringing about a beautiful device.


It is unmistakably a bit of innovation, yet is incorporated to mix with ordinary life and discussion. It can show a removed relative’s face on its screen amid a feature visit or read a book to a kid.

5. Navigate paris jacket

A new product from Wearable Experiments (We:eX) offers people to Paris an approach to take in the advanced bistros of the Left Bank, the beasts of Notre Dame, and the various hypnotizing sights and hints of the City of Light without needing to stop and counsel a guide or route device. Rather, the article of clothing, programmable through a partner advanced mobile phone application, utilizes vibrations and LED lighting to give bearings.


The lightweight, overcoat style coat lives up to expectations with a modified mapping application, which the wearer programs with bearings to a particular destination, then transfers to the piece of clothing. The coat shows the directions on its sleeve. When it’s chance to make the turn, the left or right shoulder discharges a tapping vibration, telling the individual which way to go. The product likewise utilizes distinctive vibration intensities and frequencies to show hard and delicate lefts or rights.