TripIt is one of those apps that help you to access and manage your e-mails. If you have a Gmail, Outlook, or a Yahoo e-mail account, you just need to give TripIt an access to your e-mail and the app will go inside and scan all your e-mails to hunt for the ones related to travel. If you do not want to give an access, just forward your hotel, car rental, flight, and eatery confirmation e-mails to The app will then pull that information and manage it into an in-app schedule that is available to you even when you are offline.

TripIt also notifies you in real time regarding any flight transforms, delays, or even gate changes. If your flight gets cancelled, this app will help you look for an alternate flight for rebooking simply and easily. It will also help you to get the finest seats in the flight.

For real everyday travelers, TripIt also provides a Pro-program that helps you to track your reward programs automatically. It even lets you know the expiration date so that you don’t miss it out.

Finally, TripIt lets you construct a network from all your e-mail contacts, which shows you where folks have toured and where they are headed next. You can plan a trip along with them. It is really a rare app that beyond doubt makes your traveling so much easier and simpler.