Unique Yet Successful Ways to Market Your Startup

Unique Yet Successful Ways to Market Your Startup

Too many people think that getting a startup off the ground is a simple process. And while the rise of connectivity and online business platforms has arguably made things a little easier, there are still several considerations to make as a startup.

From online reputation protection to staffing solutions, you need to be inventive and brave to stay afloat long enough to make headlines. One of the key areas you need to get creative in is the marketing space – traditional advertising agency costs and timelines just won’t do in this energetic business world.

You are probably going to have to market your startup yourself – and here’s how you are going to make sure it works.

Keep it simple

With the influence of programmatic buying and data-driven advertising algorithms, a lot of startups are drawn to complexity in the marketing space.

But take a second to think about it. Is Nike’s swoosh complex? How about the slogan “Got Milk?”?

The key to really great marketing is simplicity.

Start by drawing up a realistic picture of your target market and work your way backwards. Ask yourself what they might be interested in – then think about a quirky, simple way to give it to them. If you sell tennis rackets, advertise on tennis balls. If you are in web security, run an activation where bouncers ask members for a secure password.

People want to be engaged and excited by your ideas and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Explore the senses

The world of marketing has been reinvented by cool technology like Virtual Reality, and activating the senses is a great way to create memorable marketing.

You are probably familiar with ways to engage with customers visually, but what about the rest?

Here are some ideas you could play with per sense:

  • Touch: Print your marketing materials on organic, tactile material?
  • Taste: Why not bake marketing messages and deliver them to prospective clients?
  • Smell: Got an idea that smells like money? Play on the idea of this sense.
  • Hearing: Use a service like greenmp3.com and let people download your pitch.
  • Sight: Source a great photographer to run your Instagram account.

Have fun

“It’s quite fun to do the impossible.”

Walt Disney

People are faced with thousands of marketing messages each day, and most of those are ignored completely.

Think about the type of marketing that you like. It’s the fun, shocking, inventive marketing messages that get noticed, and these don’t appear if you are focussed too hard on objectives, targets, and visuals.

Spend your time laughing, brainstorming, and talking – the best ideas are often born out of jokes and you will find everyone feels more creative in a relaxed atmosphere.

Don’t be scared

The best thing about marketing a startup is that you are allowed – even encouraged – to fail.

Try things out, ask for advice and don’t worry if your first ad doesn’t convert into a sale.

As Alex Noble said, “Success is a process… “. Save your funds and focus on doing everything differently. After all, what have you really got to lose?