Useful Printed Gifts: For Your Employees, Clients, and More

Useful Printed Gifts: For Your Employees, Clients, and More

There are plenty of useful gifts for your business that you can purchase, customize, and give to clients or employees. Have you been thinking about useful printed gifts? If not, we have. Here, we would like to give you some ideas for the upcoming Christmas Season. We will talk about what sorts of gifts to present to both your employees, as well as your clients. We will also tell you about why useful printed gifts like promotional calendars.

For Your Employees

Your employees love getting gifts just as much as your clients do. In the spirit of the holiday season, why not get them a few neat things they can actually use? Things like promotional flashlights and mugs from National Pen make great gifts. Other examples include:

  • Blankets;
  • Flash drives or media storage;
  • Shirts, especially button-ups or polo’s;
  • Outerwear;
  • Hats or caps to keep warm;
  • Pens, calendars, and other goods for use at home and in the office;
  • Drink ware, like water bottles, tumblers, and more;
  • Timepieces;
  • Gift certificates to local hangouts or places to purchase work clothing.

It might also be a good idea to collect ideas from your staff themselves. They will let you know what they want most.

For Clients

Clients might be a bit trickier. Unlike employees, they may not see you face-to-face this holiday season. This is why it is a good idea to purchase them something that is practical and easily shippable. For this, we recommend useful printed products. Useful printed products can include things like magnets, calendars, thank you or note cards, stationery, and more. For the most part, these are very simple to ship. Or you can include them in order packages or mailings. You can customize them with your logo, contact information, helpful reminders, and even tips and tricks.

Promotional Calendars as Christmas Gifts for Your Clients


The one item that we believe trumps the rest when it comes to great Christmas gifts for clients is that of the promotional calendar. Farm stores, banks, gas stations, and even restaurants once gave out promotional calendars to their customers. These days, though, fewer and fewer businesses are doing so. Daily calendars can serve as a gentle friendly reminder that clients should choose you, first. These calendars can be used in an office setting, as well as at home. Pictures each month give you the chance to show off your products. You can even put dates of promotions or sales on your calendar, too.