What does Valor Water do?

Valor Water Analytics is now backed by Y-Combinator permit utilities to tackle the competence of their data to build the solution that helps to achieve their target of water crisis and improving the ‘business knowledge’ capacities of water utilities across the nation. It has software products for water utilities that can effectively address income issues for example, protection, missed income, income risk and revenue reproduction through utilization of their billing.

Why do we SeeYoo need?

With a drought, people are encouraged to conserve water and since July 2014 consumers conserved 134 billion gallons of water, and for every gallon of water saved in a drought there is another gallon of water doesn’t earn money on it, which made hike on rates to maintain the revenue. Valor now provides extra products to their services like reporting revenue inconsistency, finding key performance indicator (KPI) in a productive method, cutoff analyzer in order to develop programs for the customers with a feedback evaluate the performance and to enable water consumption and also payments. It has developed water rate finders to track the environment performance, cost management and save the resources for the better future.

Who is Valor Water for?    

Valor water gets monthly updates on consumption of water along with structures and analysis is done by them in order to get the outputs on user’s segmentation profiles, revenue profiles and rated dashboards. Using Valor Water, many existing utilities had increased their revenue with an average of 6% and they are utilizing this profit to ensure affordable water to the communities.