Vidooly: Your online video promotion pal

What does Vidooly Do? is the one and only YouTube Video advertising group in India. Vidooly offers a platform for media as well as marketing agencies, brands, movie studios and internet vendors to endorse their social networks, videos on blogs, mobile apps as well as social games.

Why do we need Vidooly?

Everyone wants to endorse their Video on YouTube. Vidooly is cost efficient platform that has broad targeting facility and is connected with devices and multi platforms. Your video will be endorsed all over Facebook games, apps, mobile games, blogs and websites. Most of the promotional activity occurs in pre-roll and people skip these videos after watching it for around 5 seconds.

What makes Vidooly stand out from others?

There is no least budget commitment to begin a campaign with Vidooly. Anyone can begin a campaign at any funds, while the other advertisement networks do not work in this manner.

All the ad networks have their individual streaming and player. This is a huge trouble for low internet connections. But Vidooly support YouTube videos only. It is well-matched with any device or platform.

What’s Next of Vidooly?

At present, the whole team is more dedicated to particular category. They are trying to test their product in Indian marketplace for the subsequent 6 months, and if they hit their goal in some particular category, they will be ready to launch their product in Europe and U.S.