What does Frontline Aerospace do?

Frontline Aerospace, is in the clean tech and defense market, laying its focus primarily on the commercial gas turbine efficiency products. The company’s technology is set to revolutionize the helicopter industry by dramatically increasing the fuel efficiency of the Rolls Royce Model 250 gas turbine which powers about half of helicopters in the world. The company has 3 granted patents, 2 of them are related to the gas turbine efforts and one other to their Vertical Swift Tactical Aerial Resource drone- V-STAR. This is the next gen in UAV capability, like in Hollywood movies Avengers and Avatar. This company has additional 8 patents which are pending in gas turbines and aircraft. The company’s management team has relevant drone, energy and rotocraft experience and their advisory board consists of retired aviation experts and Air Force generals.

How much Frontline Aerospace was funded?

Frontline Aerospace raised $2M in an undisclosed round on October 20th 2015.

What is next for Frontline Aerospace?

Frontline Aerospace plans to use the funding raised for bringing its new gas turbine engine efficiency technologies to market producing the products or booking sales. This operation capital of $2M provides the company the opportunity to disrupt the entire gas turbine market for power generation, aviation and hundreds of commercial and industrial applications.

More about Frontline Aerospace

Frontline Aerospace was founded by Ryan S. Wood. The company is an advanced manufacturing company which is focused on the energy efficiency technologies which increase the performance and lowers emissions and fuel consumption of turbine engines. The company has designed MicroFire recuperater technology and IsoCool compressor for saving money and fuel, increasing the payload and the range of thousands of in service helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, and to increase the performance in numerous ground based industrial, military and commercial applications which include pipeline pumping, manufacturing and power generation.