Witness is a frenzy button for the smartphone age


Who is Witness?

Witness is a startup application developed by Marinos Bernitsas, allows users, instantly records the audios and videos live, when you simply tap on the application, yet it doesn’t allow to show the video stream being recorded on your mobile phone display. In the meantime, as opposed to having the stream conveyed to people through Twitter, just assigned contacts you have beforehand arranged in the application’s settings are alarmed at the time through mobile calls and instant messages.

Now a days most of them using mobile phone and wallet along with them every time, that is the reason it seemed well and good to exploit the cell phone’s cam and GPS to develop an application that could help keep individuals safe. One of these, an application called “Ask ne1,” which is now live available on iTunes, permitting clients inside certain closeness to ask one another inquiries and talk.

What dies Witness do?

Witness inventor took a shot at his application autonomously throughout the span of the weekend, just getting three hours of slumber. Bernitsas says he was initially motivated to exploit the cell phone’s cam and sensors for general individual security purposes, like for those times when companions of his would walk home from his flat late during the evening. At the same time in later months, the idea appeared to resound significantly further, as various occurrences including police ruthlessness started to stand out as truly newsworthy. In some of these cases, witnesses had recorded the captures on their cell phones which served to fabricate a body of evidence against the cops being referred. Users just need one touch to actuate witness. When you dispatch it, it will call and content all your crisis contacts.

what’s more about Witness?

Witness helps users by recording their location, camera and streams it over the mobile phone and wifi to your important contacts. On any chance if wifi or the cell phone is not accessible, witness itself will record everything present in the mobile phone, till the battery runs out. It records in 10 second lumps so your information is dependably present for long time.

The witness application now developed a new methodology called “panic button” for your smartphone. The application exploits an open-source task called Kickflip- it’s a library for live spilling for the iPhone, which Bernitsas altered to transfer to his own server.

To utilize Witness app, users first needed to set up a list of the important contacts by posting their name and telephone number in the application. Users can then begin a live stream with a single tap on the application’s symbol. Your contacts will get a call with a computerized recording that advises you that your companion has enacted Witness and to take after the connection on your instant message to track this occurrence continuously.

In the meantime, your companions likewise get complete information with the connection that takes to you to the Witness site. On the site, users can watch and listen to the live feature as it happens, view a guide with the stream’s area which is upgraded as the individual moves, and perspective a full log document identified with the occurrence.

On the Witness client’s phone, there’s just a red pennant at the top over a dark screen. That could make it a touch hard to verify you’re surrounding the right shot, but since the application is gone for crisis use rather than social feature, it’s to a lesser degree a worry. What’s likewise astute about the application is that regardless of the possibility that the client loses their Internet, Witness will record videos and audios in 10-second lumps and store them generally on the end client’s iPhone. At the point when their association gives back, that feature is transferred to the server.