10 Benefits of Leo Privacy Guard

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Leo Privacy guard by Leomaster is a primarily a free management software that is mostly used by android smartphone users as well as iPhone/iOS users to prevent their smartphones from being annoying and also keeps your smartphone at bay from a varied number and type of cyber threats.

The Leo privacy guard not only defends your smartphone’s security but it also upholds your privacy by preventing anyone other than you from viewing your phone’s content and thus keeping your content and phone data safe and all yours to keep.

Leo privacy guard review has been extremely positive and as each day passes, an increasing number of smartphone users find it very useful as well as resourceful.

Among many features of leomaster, one of the prominent feature is that it helps you to keep your apps locked and also keeps your mobile data well organized.

Leomaster is the master in the field of mobile security and tops the category with its list of some of the finest products in the market with the Leo privacy guard topping the chart.

Leo privacy guard has various features both for the android and iOS users. So, before jumping into discussing the benefits of the mobile data management software, let is have a brief look into its features.

Leo privacy guard for android

Providing the users an all-round mobile security in a smart safe and simple way is the motto of the Leo privacy guard. The android version of this security mobile app is very easy to download, install and run and it is free. The features include-

  • App lock system with various strong and effective security measures.
  • Separate privacy vault for storing personal mobile data like mails, photos, videos, etc.
  • App management and data management system.
  • Easy to operate with single touch, lock screen, turning off notifications on locked screen.

Leo privacy guard for iOS

  • Coded access to data.
  • Enhanced privacy condition
  • Locks up your personal belongings on the phone like photos, messages, videos, mails from sneaky people.

Now, that we have understood the basic utility and features of the Leo privacy guard, let chart down the benefits of the same.

10 Benefits of Leo privacy guard

  1. Available for both of the mobile operating systems – the android and the mighty iOS.
  2. Very easy to use and operate with maximum security and privacy service in return.
  3. This mobile security management software is absolutely safe and it does not poses any sort of hidden risk to your smartphone. Moreover, this app is absolutely free to download and install.
  4. Keeps away your photos, videos and other personal information on your phone from the snoopy eyes of the public and from sneaky people.
  5. The app monitors and tracks your phone’s data usage and battery condition in real time. Offers secured passcode/PIN only to access your phone.
  6. Safeguards your credit card numbers, pins and other sensitive and highly confidential information.
  7. Helps you access and browse internet from your smartphone with absolute privacy and in the best possible secured way.
  8. Turns off locked screen notifications keeps your phone safe and updated with a secret camera and track the phone app features.
  9. The Leo privacy guard is considered extremely user friendly.
  10. Application /apps management, advanced app lock features, app shortcuts and easy navigation tabs and options are some of the other benefits of Leo privacy guard.