10 Ways To Make Money Online

Let’s face it the internet is the best place to be if you want to make a steady and consistent passive income. If anyone is interested in how to make money online then look no more for I have compiled for you a list of 10 tried tested and successful ways of making money online.
1. Develop Apps
The app has taken over the internet industry by storm, and the great thing about it is you can get right into the action. How? By developing your own apps. It could be anything from desktop organizer, shopping advisor, photo storage, etc. And best part is you do not have to be a programmer you can hire someone to build on your ideas and create an app.
2. Leverage on the App Business
Still on the app, you need to know that coming up with your own is not the only way to capitalize on the app economy. You can capitalize on the global sharing phenomenon that has taken our global connectivity to the next level. This is in the name of well-known apps such as ride to deliveries, quick tasks, the list goes on. You can drive for either Uber or Lyft, offer to deliver for post mates, earn cash rewards through purchase on iBotta etc
3. Utilize Existing Websites
There is also the option of using existing websites as a means of making money. A good way to do this is by selling used items or investing in the creation of digital designs just to name a few that then can be channeled through the existing websites. Some of these websites that have a large following in this regard are craiglist, upwork, cafe press just to name a few.
4. Resales
If you want to know how to make money online then you must be ready to join the ecommerce business. You do not have to self other peoples stuff, consider selling yours. You can sign up with some of the ecommerce platforms that offer this service such as shopify, Amazon, eBay,Etsy etc that have been proven to deliver.
5. Affiliate Marketer
Apart from selling your own staff you can also make good money through marketing other peoples or company’s stuff. This is by becoming an affiliate marketer which presents you with loads of resources. For example you could consider sourcing for products from the following; Commission Junction, Rakuten Marketing, ClickBank, Share-a-Sale among many others.
6. Blogging
Now if you are talking about serious online money, then you seriously need to consider starting a blog. Blogging is one of the surest ways of how to make money online. As long as you set up your blog in the right way, focusing on the right niche, have the right content; target the right audiences in the right way then you are good to go. Yes there is quite a bit of work to do but considering what you might make, it is worth it.
7. Email Marketing
Email marketing is definitely one to be on this list. All you have to do is setup email software, have a following and funnel your sales. Subscribers can pay you 1$ per month so if you have 1000 friends and half subscribe, then it reflects to 500$ per month which is very achievable and worthwhile considering that you will only be pitching them when necessary.
8. Webinars
If you are a professional in your own right be it a academics, entertainment, sports, fashion, you name it you have a chance of earning big by capitalizing on your followers. This is by means of webinars which of course requires you to have a website and some form of online presence which is worth the hassle compared to the exorbitant amount of cash you can earn.
9. YouTube
You Tube definitely has to feature in this list because it is probably the easiest big earner in this list. All you need to do is have your own YouTube Channel upload videos featuring unique ideas such as: how-to’s, product, movie, sport, etc reviews, travel, video gaming, music, plays, comedy…the list is endless. It is given that you cant miss a viewership provided that you offer good stuff.
10. Selling Ebooks
Last but not least is selling eBooks. People are moving away from the conventional publishing world to eBooks where provided that you offer professionalism and quality on whatever subject then you have a ready supply of customers. You can do this directly from your website.
Bottom line is you have to put in the work. So know your niche, do your research, make the effort and start earning.