3 Small Investment Ideas for Entrepreneurs


Managing your finances as an entrepreneur is vital to your future success. Check out these small investment ideas that will boost your financial health.

What’s the one thing that every entrepreneur wants to succeed at?

Making money!

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs aren’t so proficient at seeing domain names and other business assets as future investment opportunities rather than maintenance costs.

So how can you boost your financial health? Read on for three small investment ideas that will help you laugh all the way to the bank!

Follow These Three Important Tips

1) Focus on People’s Investments

When starting a company, the key is to hire well. Look for an experienced and trusted team who share the same vision as you. You don’t have to form a 100-person staff right away. Start with a few people you can trust to own and grow their respected areas of the business.

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Their audience is

  • Self-directed
  • Active
  • Interested in customizing chart settings
  • Price sensitive

Does this sound like something your company should be a part of?

2) Prioritize Technology

No matter what your level of funding is, have some sort of technological plan. Many businesses are already taking this step. In a 2016 Brother Business survey, 21 percent of respondents said they plan to invest in programs like the cloud. Another 28 percent intended to build their own mobile workforce.

Use something like Slack, which is an internal communication and document sharing tool. Or, use Dropbox Paper, which allows you to work on shared documents. Each of these tools is inexpensive investments that will help maximize your team’s productivity.

3) Ready the Team for Success

One of the important things for your small business idea to succeed is having a strong leader. A study by Deloitte University Press found that 90 percent of leaders understand the need for employee engagement in the workplace. However, fewer than 50 percent have strategies to implement it.

Conduct training activities around a specific product or technology. Define the vision, the solution to the problem the launch is solving, and the strategy the company plans to execute it with.

The more time you spend collaborating with your team and planning for the future, the better the results.

So Where Are the Small Investment Ideas At?

Think of something useful, but fresh.

  • A food ordering mobile app
  • Some sort of online commerce store
  • A job recruitment app
  • Healthcare app
  • Event management app to help people plan parties
  • Any rental app
  • A better fitness app
  • Create a new Android or iOS game.

Sure, it’s going to be hard because chances are high that someone may have already invented it. Can you remember the small investment ideas you had in college?

Get Going

For every startup company, there should be some sort of outsource. This can help you save money in the long run. Plus, you don’t want your business to fail in the next five years.

So what are you waiting for?

Start writing down all your ideas, grab your best buds and start planning your future success! If you have a great idea, submit it here and reach experts that can market your idea.