5 Android Apps to Learn English Vocabulary


Photo by Unsplash, CC0 1.0

It is common that the deterioration of English language is swift and steady. But worry not; in a world of chaos where people are more concerned about fashion brands than language, there is still a ray of hope for those who really want to brush up on their vocabulary. Almost everyone has been through one of those phases in the presence of those high and mighty proficient English speakers who don’t stutter at a single word. So you want to speak like you know it and you want to write like you’re the best writer in the world … we’ve got a plan for you. And if you’ve got a Smartphone, you’ll be able to download the following apps on it so that you can have for yourself a great vocabulary!


  • Miss Spell’s Class


This free game app is educational and fun at the same time. You might think you pronounce some words correctly, but do you think you spell them right every time? If you’re confused about that, this app is perfect for you. Miss Spell’s Class checks the spellings of words that we speak almost every day but don’t know the spelling of. It is fast paced and interactive quiz game is amazing for people who are enthused about developing their vocabulary. With this app, not only do you get to learn new words and spell them right, but also have a cool game experience.


  • Dictionary.com Flashcards


With over 70,000 flashcard decks, Flashcards app lets you customize your learning experience by your grade level, subject, or standardized test. You are allowed to select the study method that you prefer, and through the audio and text format, you can learn new words, spell them and also pronounce them the correct way! There is also a provision for you to study words on this app offline, so you don’t even have to worry about having an internet connection every time when looking for new words. You can also share your progress with your friends and close ones on social media sites.


  • Test Your English Vocabulary


The name of the app, Test Your English Vocabulary, speaks for itself. If you want to know additional features, then know that this app can even train you for TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, TOIEC, SAT, MCAT, ASVAB, PCAT exams too. Test Your English Vocabulary will let you develop your English vocabulary in an extensive and detailed manner, with the correct pronunciation of each and every word that you learn, along with its translation in the language of your preference. This makes it so much easier to learn English, and towards the end of a test, you can check your answers to judge it yourself.


  • Vocab Builder


Vocabulary builder apps are popular among many users. This Vocab Builder app not only helps to make your vocabulary strong but also has a gaming feature to keep you engaged. You can play vocabulary games on it and make it a fun experience with learning the meanings of words as you go. Over 1200 vocabulary words are provided by experts, and you get the audio pronunciation of every new word, along with examples and definitions within sentences. As you play, you unlock the levels and even track the progress that you’ve made during studying. It also features GRE, SAT and TOEFL quiz tests if required. The app consists of an advanced, paid version as well.


  • Words, Words, Words


An unscramble game, over 2000 words being updated every day, and the stage of difficulty rising with each passing level; Words, Words, Words is an app that is cool yet conventionally educational. It makes learning new words and their pronunciation easier as you use it. You can randomly tap on the buttons and you’ll get to learn new words every time you tap on it. A quiz with a ticking timer makes the game so much more interesting, allowing you to adjust the level of difficulty in the quiz according to what suits you.

A busy life demands a lot of time, during which people tend to overlook how important building vocabulary is. With these apps, you can easily learn new things, develop your vocabulary and brush up on your every day pronunciations.