5 Free Marketing Ideas for Your Public Relations Department

Your PR strategy doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it doesn’t have to cost you a penny at all thanks to the free marketing opportunities available to your PR department. Promoting your brand to the public is as easy as you make it, but by taking advantage of the marketing ideas below you can be sure your marketing strategy is going to be the most cost-effective solution for creating brand awareness.

1. Build a Social Media Presence

The obvious point to consider when marketing your brand for free is to take advantage of the many social media platforms on offer. Not only is Facebook paramount to your social media marketing success, but the likes of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many others have potential to do more for your business. Make sure your content is unique and targeted to your specific audience and you can’t go far wrong when using social media to market your brand.

2. Promote Your Brand at Free Events

You could opt for a paid option and setup your own stall at a promotional event to gain more clients and potential partners, but a free way is to just go to the event and interact with the many people there. Not only will you be able to promote your brand by issuing business cards to interested parties but you’ll also gain experience in networking that could benefit your business in the future.

3. Setup Charity Fundraisers

An effective method of PR marketing is to setup a charity fundraiser local to your business. Whether it’s getting your employees to help with a car wash on a weekend or asking your employees to run a half marathon with you, you can be sure promoting your business by taking advantage of charity fundraisers is a clever way to create loyalty among your customers.

4. Connect with Blogs & Other Websites

Get in contact with blog and website owners that have content relative to your business. This could be an effective way to create a partnership so that they post articles about your business and in return, they get unique content to further benefit their search engine presence. There’s nothing stopping you from connecting with hundreds of blogs and websites to take advantage of free marketing.

5. Create Your Own Blog

By creating your own blog you’ll be able to post press releases and update your audience about new products and news related to the industry. Not only will your customers share your blog posts on social media to give you extra outreach but you’ll also find your business website will benefit from better Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

Obtaining your online masters in public relations by following an online SPR program means you can be sure you’re going to have more knowledge when it comes to promoting your brand. However, the above marketing tips are perfect for any small business to take advantage of and they offer remarkable results depending on how much effort is put into them.