5 Reasons to get a Calling App for Start Ups

Starting a new business and in need of a second phone number? There’s an app for that. Calling apps for start-ups, touts five big benefits in using a second phone number for your company. From better business to a better work – life balance, read on for 5 reasons to download a calling app for your start – up.

Easier Than a Landline

So you’ve started your business, how are your clients going to contact you? What phone number are you going to list? Instead of buying an expensive land line phone or giving your personal cell phone number out to the public, download a second phone number app. The app gives you two numbers on one phone without the mess of setting up another landline or buying another company phone.

Stave off Telemarketers

Another key benefit of calling apps is that you can keep telemarketers from overloading your personal phone. Use a second business number provided by the app to list online, or choose a third number to use for marketing purposes. If one number becomes the target of too many telemarketers, simply delete the calling app phone number and download a new business number to list.

Pay as you Go

Where landlines and additional cell phones create new monthly bills, calling apps like Dollar Digits, Grasshopper, and Burner gives businesses the option of paying per minute. A new business can cut phone costs and keep an open line for new customers and clients.

Separate Business from Personal

Downloading a calling app to differentiate between your work life and personal life. The second phone number offered by calling apps typically include the ability to turn off notifications. On vacation? Turn off the second phone number and truly unplug from work.

Localize Your Online Business

Calling apps let you choose an area code for new business phone numbers. Business owners select phone numbers within their state, or if they are starting an online business, they are able to select a phone number with the area code where their service is provided.

Download a calling app straight from the Google Play Store or Apple store right onto your phone. Enjoy benefits a second business line affords.