Converting PDF files to an editable document has a lot of benefits but one that is most common is the fact that it makes the editable document every easy to search and retrieve. However, it is important to understand the problems of scanned PDF documents and why it is necessary to convert them to editable documents. First of all, scanned PDF documents though are PDF formats are not really native PDF files but are created using paper documents which are scanned and converted to PDF files. Note that scanned PDF are like pictures and unfortunately it cannot be searched, edited. This poses a lot of limitations on the document and can only be solved by using software like PDFelement to convert them into an editable document where it can then be searched and edited.

How Does the Software Work?

The software which converts PDF into an editable document may be equipped with different features which could influence its output. However, one thing is sure, they work by using a well organized computer programs to carry out the conversion and it is pretty fast. It recognizes features and characters which make it provide some accurate result.

Technology that Helps this Conversion

The software that converts PDF to editable documents is based on the OCR technology. The technology works in such a way that it recognizes the printed text on the scanned image and converts them into an editable document. The software which converts these documents into editable one also has additional technologies like optical mark recognition and optical barcode recognition. Which works together to deliver great outputs.

Converting PDF files into Editable Document Using Wondershare PDFelement

This is one of the best tools to convert PDF files to editable one. It comes with an industry leading OCR plugging which makes it very possible. One good thing about the PDFelement is its ability to retain the document appearance after a successful conversion to a searchable, editable and readable PDF file. It has good support service which can be accessed with a variety of languages.

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How to Convert Documents to Editable File

The reality is that it is easy to do this especially on the PDFelement platform with one of the best industry leading OCR technology. The following they way to do it.

Step 1: Import the PDF document into the PDFelement.

When you have a document a scanned document to convert, the first thing to do is to launch the software and upload these documents into it.

Step 2: Do OCR on the Document

Use the “Perform OCR” button to perform the OCR on the scanned document.

Step 3: Edit the Scanned PDF file

Step 2 will ensure OCR is done to the scanned document and once it is done, you can now edit the document as you want it. You can use the “Edit” button to edit text, images etc.

Step 4: Save the Edited PDF document.

You Can Try For Free

The PDFelement offers you a free trial to test how the software works. You can take the advantage of this gesture to convert a page or 2 documents to an editable file and see how it works.