Best Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs


Productivity is the primary goal for any businessman and today we post tops with biz apps for you with the help from partners. Today I’d like to tell you about three applications, which would help you become more mobile and gain more profit from each minute of spare time. Let’s go!

TripIt: Travel Planner – Don’t miss your flight!

In pre-smartphone times, we all used to organize complicated business travels with piles of papers and handwritings in notebooks. Gadgets made this process much faster, and TripIt is a cherry on the cake. It provides a range of options for both making up complete missions and following plans step by step.

The process of sending info into the app is very simple. You just have to send all the emails, which include travel confirmation to your app id address. It would automatically generate a light, informative version of the schedule with additional notifications. That’s where the magic starts. TripIt tells you the exact information about departures, car rental and taxi arrangements, hotel bookings and even dinner reservations in restaurants. All checkpoints are mapped.

Such a smart approach lets you free your mind of thoughts about a schedule and pay more attention to meeting preparations. If such a free toolbox is not enough, you may purchase a pro-version to achieve some luxury features like airport maps, additional reminders, flights refunds search,and even best-seats advice.

CamCard – future business cards experts say that this app is a must-have for salespeople and I totally agree with them. To my mind, all business cards should go to electronic format to avoid chaos. It belongs to all people. After a few months of use, I collected 150 cards! For me, it’s an unbelievable number. The free version gives you 500 scans.

All scanned cards are automatically added to your contact list. It saves a lot of time. Just gather new cards, choose important ones, shoot them and … throw away! After that, you can export them into Excel file to upload it for corporate needs to any CRM or Outlook.

As any camera scanner, CamCard makes mistakes, because some cards use extraordinary designs, but it’s not really a big problem if you compare it to the amount of saved time. Scanning algorithms are getting better rapidly, so hopefully, we’ll soon have nothing to complain about.

Audiobooks from Audible – read with your ears
Why did include this app into the entrepreneur’s top? I can easily explain. Modern pace leaves us almost no time for sitting somewhere quiet with a paper carrier. It became something luxurious, so to say. What is the profit of reading, when you already feel professional in your realm? It’s all about coincidences, to my mind. New knowledge may improve your business skills, give you a breath of inspiration, and even change the course of your career.

Talking about app’s quality, it has everything for comfort perception: audio speed regulation, timer, offline mode, multi-device sync, and absolutely stable performance. It’s also better than any other similar apps due to its selection of books. It’s fairly the largest on the market. All records are of the highest quality, and new releases are added instantly to provide up to date experience.

Bottom line
All of these three applications would surely help you stop wasting precious time on routine tasks, organize your contact database and, finally, consume some new exciting and helpful information for a future breakthrough. Remember – the one taking the road gains luck!