Best Time-Saving Apps Every Online Entrepreneur Needs


As an online entrepreneur you know how valuable time is. You also know that you must invest it wisely when it comes to engaging, approaching, and developing relationships with your clients and marketing your products or services. Fortunately, there are a lot of productivity tips and tools available, but these won’t do you any good if you don’t implement them properly.

Put Your Marketing on Auto Pilot

Marketing your business is the only way to get the word out so people know you exist. This in and of itself can be a full-time job if you don’t find some tools to help you place it on autopilot. Some of the tools that can help you with this include:

  • Rival IQ is where you want to start as it will help you choose the right SEO words. You can even look at what your competitors are doing quickly and easily by tracking them, so you receive an update every time the change their website or social profile.
  • Landing Page Creator is the next tool you’ll need as it will help you create appealing landing pages for your website without any coding necessary. This tool has built-in forms, hundreds of templates, an image, and a cool responsive design that helps you make your pages mobile friendly.
  • HootSuite is the best way to market your new landing pages on social media. Sometimes it’s challenging to continually create brilliant content, so you can maintain an active, effective social media presence. However, this powerful tool lets you schedule updates when you’re feeling creative and track how this content does.

Although HootSuiteis a very popular and helpful tool, sometimes you’ll want to do things a little differently. There are a few tools that will help you with this:

  • TrenDemon will automatically give your page views, user engagement and business revenue a boost. It also provides free actionable advice about how to improve your traffic and its conversion rates.For this to work you need to add some code to your site.
  • DrumUp helps you manage your content on social media. Simply choose relevant keywords to follow and you’ll automatically receive accurate suggestions for social media posts. This helps you provide interesting and fresh content to your audience. You can also schedule custom posts with this tool.
  • Rignite allows you to manage and track your social media presence in one place. This provides you with informed strategies that help you plan your campaigns and grow and engage with your followers.
  • Brand24 helps you track online traffic and brand mentions. This helps you improve customer satisfaction and get new leads.

Stop Making Useless Business Trips

Once you get your marketing under control you can step back and see where else you’re spending a lot of time on your business at. One of the places that will probably pop out at you is all the time you spend traveling to meet with clients. Today this really isn’t necessary thanks to web conferencing.

You should start using UberConference to make your video calls. This is because the tool lets you establish clear, easily accessible channels of communication with the people you work with and for. While this is a good starting point for collaboration, it’s important that you see it as just that: a starting point.

Wrike is a great example of the power collaboration can hold for your business. This is an online project management tool that enables your teammates to work together in real time. Of course, it works best when everyone is using the same office tools. Typically, this means using Microsoft Office, but this is very expensive. When you’re just starting out you should look at LibreOffice instead. With it you can create the documents, spreadsheets, presentations, diagrams, charts, formulae, and databases that everyone is collaborating on. Once they’re created you’ll want to place them in Dropbox – a one-stop cloud storage and sharing solution. Anyone can then access anything you have stored there from anywhere at any time.

Manage Your Work-Life and Find Balance

Having your marketing on autopilot and your business trips in check, the only thing left for you to do is to achieve work-life balance. Tomato-Timerhelps you become sharper and more efficient by encouraging you to spend 25 minutes working intensely on a project before resting for 5 minutes and repeating the entire process.

For this to work you’ll need to be really organized. Todoist will help you manage your business projects by boosting your productivity. It can also help you with your personal life too which is part of what makes this a great work-life balance tool. With Todoist you can efficiently create and manage tasks from anywhere – your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. You can then choose to collaborate on these projects with your partners or clients if you choose to do so. Additionally, you can delegate tasks and if you need to be even more organized the app will also let you categorize these tasks by date, importance, and any other label you choose to create.

Organizing your tasks isn’t the only thing you need to do to help yourself be more productive. You also can’t afford to overlook your schedule. This is where Coschedule comes in handy. It’s is a simple drag-and-drop tool for your calendar, social media platforms, and blog.With it you can keep all your editorial comments, blog posts, team assignments and unpublished posts organized in one place. You can even schedule guest posting simply. The only drawback is that unfortunately this is only available from WordPress. Nevertheless, this tool is very easy and helpful for bloggers who need a personalized list of go-to checklists that they can work from.

Being an online entrepreneur is both challenging and rewarding. However, when you use the right combination of apps and tools you can save yourself a lot of time. By being more efficient you’ll have more time to spend doing the things you truly enjoy.