Which is best tld to choose for any business?


Is .com best to choose ?

With the advent of the internet, everything just became too simple and the world turned smaller than earlier. A person could shop sell learn teach and do anything on it. It was a universe in itself. There were many options of level domain introduced in the online market. Any company existing in business today has a .com online presence to cater to its customers. But what is it that these companies look for? Why do they choose a .com over other top level domains (tld). It has become the most favored and largely used extension for the online business.

The TLD’s are termed as top level domains. These are basically names unique identification space given to companies in the online space. All the TLD are operated by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). There are different types of TLDs namely:

  • Country code top level domains: it is based on the code of the country.

  • Generic top level domains: it has 3 or more characters.

  • Internationalized country code top level domains: it’s in non Latin character sets

  • Sponsored top level domains: by private organizations or agencies to enforce and establish rules that restrict the use of tld.

  • Infrastructure top level domain: it is used for the comment publication requests.

Generic TLD consist of .gov, .edu, .com, .org and .net. This means that the companies could use any of these as their domain names.

Why .com is best top level domain  (tld) to choose ?

However there are a few reasons why company should select Dot com Domains:

Need of the hour:

Everyone wants a company to exist on the internet because that’s the place where they are, the customers. The first thing that comes to the mind of a customer for a company’s name is .com. It is a default TLD a company can have in people’s minds. There could be multiple reasons for their preference for .com like its simplicity and easy to remember nature.

Can be applied to any business:

Be it application, business, personal website, product, or any such thing. It is universally accepted and is used in every country. This emphasizes that .com is one of the TLD that can be easily used and remembered.

It is a stepping stone to your business:

For a building, its foundation is the most important thing. So in the online world, .com lays the foundation stone and is the key to success as it is the basic thing a company requires. Once the .com is laid every other level can be added to it for better utilization of the space but its only possible if the first stone has been placed correctly.

 It is for the visitors comfort:

It’s easy to search for companies with these domains and needs no extra effort to remember the entire company’s website hence it saves their time and energy to remember the entire address. With .com as the TLD, a visitor could just have to remember the name of the company and the rest could just be obvious.

It helps to drive type-in traffic:

As mentioned earlier, visitors remember only the company’s name and .com as it is very easy to remember. This helps to drive traffic for all those companies whose entire address is not known by the visitors.

There could be matching domain extensions:

There could be chances that what the visitor is looking for might have synonymous websites which means that the company’s website stands a fair chance of being browsed or visited because of the similar domain name. But there should be a precaution should be taken to avoid running into any trademark issues. On one side it’s an advantage of having more visits and on the other it’s a disadvantage of being copied. Also it is better to choose brandable name for your business without keywords in it, keyword matching domains are also not good for branding and search engines.

It’s the most wanted:

.Com is the highly purchased domain extension in the world. There are about 145 million domains in the world out of which 110 million of them are .coms – which makes about 75% of total domains.

It helps to gain search engine advantages:

In the internet space search engine optimization is the tool for measurement for ranks of a website. Thus when you have a company with .com domain name, it helps to improve the SEC rankings as more and more people search keywords on the net. Once a word is searched it gives suggestions or answers to this search thus the company’s name turns in these searches. This brings an opportunity for the business to grow its visibility without making any extra efforts. This helps to create an image of the business in the minds of the visitors.

It helps to save costs:

When you have to spend a lot on tangible things, it’s an easy way out to spend less and earn more on intangible things. A .com takes nothing but a few pennies to get recognized and do business.

It guides the visitor:

Even if the visitor is not aware of the correct address of the company, it helps to find it because of the domain name of .com and gets the visitor to the right place. Sometimes this could also be a disadvantage if the visitor gets diverted to some other website which has similar name to that of the earlier company. Competitors might use this is a tool to persuade visitors and increase their SEC rankings.

It will grow in value and continue to lead:

The domain names give a website a uniqueness which separates it from the others. There are a lot of options especially the fancy ones like .edu .in .org etc which can also be used but .com has its own identity and preference. It’s simple and easy to remember and that is what a business wants from its visitors. With the maximum number of companies using it as their domain name it surely is the most favored domain name. The internet space is growing and getting bigger day by day and so will the business in this sector. Thus .com shall grow and continue to add value to the business.

 .Com is the best top level domain for any business and one must focus on the same to grow his or her business.