BlueChits is a Young and upcoming CrowdFunding Platform, Made in India

What does BlueChits Do? is a Young and upcoming CrowdFunding Platform, Made in India, with the sole aim of bringing new ideas to life. Supporting Creative Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurs, Tech Start-Ups and College Innovators, BC ensures that no idea ends up in the bin. BlueChits opens up a new door for all the Creators as well as Enthusiasts. Not only having a platform like BC would allow people to go ahead with ideas, it would also help people in discovering new & unique ideas. We not only turn ideas into successful campaigns, but also ensure safety of the Funders through internal verification system. We want everyone to have an opportunity to put out new ideas and test them. Not only this would give them a reality check, but it’ll help in polishing those ideas to make them sustainable in the real world. Apart from this, we connnect upcoming Start-ups to the target customers through our platform. Being a reward based CrowdFunding platform, BlueChits ensures that the rewards going out are legal, fun and worth the money.

Why do we need BlueChits?

In India, Ideas are generated every second. We have abundance of talent here. But, the herd mentality is not allowing us to nourish. These upcoming entrepreneurs lose their way in the middle. Lack of resources and guidance forces them to stop. Some great ideas then end up only on paper. That is the problem we are solving. The problem of getting stuck with ideas. We provide an easy and effective avenue to Funding, Promotion, Marketing and Social Acceptance. It is important for people to realize that ideas are meant to be tried. Without giving them a try, it is not possible to decide the outcome. This is a Latent problem in our country. Young Entrepreneurs are slowly realizing the need of moving ahead. With professional Start-Up experts, BlueChits would solve this problem for all upcoming ideas.

Who is BlueChits for?

There are two sides to CrowdFunding. Campaigners and Funders. Campaigners are the people who have ideas and create a Campaign to live their idea. Funders are the ones who support those ideas based on their interests, rewards and network.

BlueChits is apt for College Innovators, Social Entrepreneurs, Creative Entrepreneurs and Tech Start-Ups. They are the ones blooming with new ideas but lack of resources. It’s time they have a platform to move forward.

Funders on the other hand are the enthusiasts, Small Investors, Network and Family. Also, they can be bifurcated in terms of age. They are the real supporters of new ideas and ultimate consumers as well. These early adopters allow ideas to flourish. Also, they promote the idea really hard to ensure it is a success.

What makes BlueChits stand out from Others?

There are CrowdFunding Platform and then there is BC. We are adopting CrowdFunding in its real sense. Apart from Funding, We focus on promoting the idea to the target market and consumers. This is to ensure maximum benefit for the creator. Also, Our priority is to make sure people understand CrowdFunding and how it is beneficial for us through ‘Gamification’.

Our focus is at Safety of Funders along with providing Concrete planning for Creators. ‘Phased Funding’ ensures that funds are used as per the plan on Campaign page and constant updates are given to Funders. Also, it ensures, in case of failure, the Funds are safe with us.  Our strong Ground network of Campus Ambassadors in top most colleges of India ensures that every idea that comes up is promoted to the root level. With over 50 Campus Ambassadors, we are constantly expanding.

We also have the Unique Feature of Flexible Funding which is beneficial for the Creators. It gives them the much needed freedom to work out the plan as per their need and make it a success.

What’s Next of BlueChits?

Right now, We are expanding our team and ground network of Campus Ambassadors. Apart from it, We are awaiting the results of Eureka! 2014 by E-Cell, IIT Bombay (We are in the Top 50 Semi-Finalists) and also Short-listed for public voting in TATA NEN Competition.

Currently, we are already working 24*7 as we have received several requests by upcoming Start-Ups to start a Campaign on BlueChits.

Also, we are looking for seed funding of about Rs. 8 Lacs to provide a full fledged version of BlueChits to our customers. There are several new features in the pipeline that would benefit Creators.