Some people actually manage to thrive amongst their clutter. They seem to know where everything is, even when it looks like chaos. Most of us see that and start to itch.

That’s not to say it’s wrong.

How to stay organized at work, for the rest of us, keeps us on schedule and focused on the work, not the mess. We can get easily distracted at our workplace, but we still have to do the work.

There are ways of staying organized and keeping ahead of the work, regardless of what you do. Find the method to the madness that will work for you.

How to Stay Organized at Work

Being organized is bigger than keeping your desk clear or your tools sorted. It’s a state of mind. Even people surrounded in clutter can be organized and get the job done.

it doesn’t matter if you work out of your home office from your garage or for a huge corporation, finding a few small ways to keep your space and your mind organized can save you a lot of time. And stress.


Getting prepared before you start work makes the job easier. It gets your workspace and your brain ready to go.

Make a List

Making a list means you have thought about what you have to do already. It’s not only fresh in your mind, but there it is, in front of you. Whether you use your phone, an app, your computer or just a notebook or sheet of paper, keep track.

Stick notes work fine, as well. You can keep adding to the list with sticky notes, adding the physically to the list, or on the workspace, whatever that may be. You can block out certain jobs, to make the work seem easier.

If possible, try tackling the harder or the ones you dislike, first. Once they are finished, the rest will breeze by. You can also alternate the jobs if that makes it more fun or interesting for you.

Use a Planner

A day or week planner can be your best friend. You can see at a glance what you have coming up. Meetings and other important events can get highlighted or use your phone apps or calendar to get an electronic notification.

Make sure you check the planner first thing in the morning, so you can remind yourself of upcoming tasks or appointments.

Keeping yourself on the same schedule every day builds routine and keeps it familiar and comfortable. This is important if you don’t have a structured job and can work when you want.

Organize Your Space

Keep your workspace workable. It doesn’t matter if it’s your school desk, a prep station in a restaurant or a construction site, keep it clear. Have only the tools and items you need for the task at hand.

It’s easier to find things, it’s safer and it clears your mind, as well as well as the countertop. Try using organizer boxes or folders. keep everything in their place. This is much more time efficient when trying to locate items you need. it looks better, too.

Apps and Clouds

Storing your data or keeping your files organized online is also a great way to keep the space clear and also keep track of your receipts, taxes billings and invoices. There are software systems that will help you do all the organizing for you.

Easy-accessible and user-friendly, many systems can keep track of all your paperwork, from payments and contact information to appointment tracking and scheduling. Here is more about how this can help you.

Avoid Distractions

Turn off as many distractions as possible. It can be hard when you work from home, but you need to try. Turn off all the unnecessary notifications on your phone or computer. This is any personal social media platform.

Keep curtains closed if you love watching the world go by, turn off music or televisions and keep the kids and pets away, as well. If you are trying to finish a project, find a quiet place where you won’t be bothered.

Take Breaks

Working straight through your lunch break if fine when you are on a roll, but you still need to eat. You also need to get away from the work. Take a break, even a quick one.

Take a break away from your work area. Go out for a coffee or get some fresh air. Check your messages or have a chat with a friend or co-worker. It’s very helpful to clear your mind, so you can see the work all over again, with fresh eyes.


Meditation will help clear your mind of the clutter that distracts you and keeps it going to the places you don’t want it to go. It trains you to focus on one thing or nothing at all. Just the breathing will help you relax and focus better.

Reward Yourself

The promise of something nice at the end of a hard day’s work is very motivating. It’s great at the end of a particularly trying day or project. A movie or concert, a night at the pub on a school night, of a new shirt or pair of shoes.

We need to celebrate the small victories in our lives. Knowing there is a treat at the end of the line will keep you focused and determined to get through the day or task.

Keep It Simple

How to stay organized at work? Don’t over think it, keep it simple and just get your head in the space you need it to be in. Worrying about something too much just makes the situation worse and then you find it twice as hard to focus.

Keeping yourself and your workspace organized is a mental state as well as a physical one. If you work in an artistic field, chaos and clutter may be the norm, but most people aren’t throwing paint or clay around and they need to be more organized.

Here is more information for you if you need how to stay productive in your work environment to get more accomplished.